Champion-Shit Talk

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Way Too Much Shirt GM Mike Lay

Cincinnati Bowties GM Will Kerridge

Cincinnati Bowties’ GM Will Kerridge has questioned the validity of Way Too Much Shirt GM Mike Lay’s 2007 League Championship.

Kerridge stated, “That championship should be stricken from the records, every team made the playoffs, Mike got in with a 5-7 regular season record. If I were commish I wouldn’t want to talk about the dark days of the league.”

The “dark days” Kerridge refers to was the 2007 season where 8 of the 10 teams made the playoffs.  Furthermore, the Yahoo Sports did not recognize the league as having a playoff, so Commissioner J. Glen Thorington had to do keep track manually.

“What happened that year was Mr. Kerridge requested the number of teams be changed from 10, ” said Thorington. ” After listening to his argument, I decided that his points were valid and the playoffs should be contracted to 8 teams.  However, when I went to make the changes on Yahoo Sports, the server didn’t allow for any options for the playoffs.  Basically, after I changed the number of teams the server said it was too late in the season.  So really, Mr. Kerridge is partly responsible for those ‘dark days’.”

His statements not only infuriated Mike Lay, but TCFFL Chairman on Moral and Ethics released the following statement:

“I will not stand for previous Champions having their names tarnished. I don’t want to hear people say ‘you shouldn’t have been in the playoffs’ or ‘you only won because you had a #1 pick’ or ‘you wouldn’t have won without PPR.’ The winners of each season should be honored for their sound management decisions that won them the title fair and square.

The champions enshrined in the TCFFL history books do not have asterisks by their names and should be held in the same esteem as the Founding Fathers of this Nation.”

Cincinnati Bowties and Way Too Much Shirt meet in week 7.

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