Preseason Power Rankings Week 3

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1. (1) Boobies In America

Business as usual for GM Dennis Lazar and the universally-acknowledged most exciting franchise in the league.

2. (2) Cincinnati Bowties

Unaffected by paper-thin allegations of collusion with commissioner Thorington, GM Will Kerridge is keeping the focus on the field.

3. (7) Pacific Island Boys

Provided a strong, confident hand in dealing with the ownership change that brought GM Nick Pinto in the league and deftly struck down fake controversies created by the Thorington Brothers.

4. (4) Way Too Much Shirt

The train keeps chugging along in the Way Too Much Shirt camp as GM Mike Lay keeps a clear distance from the ugly disputes of other owners.

5. (11) Wiseau FC

GM Jeff Spencer is back and promising some dramatic (and mysterious) changes. Beverly’s front office is playing everything close to the vest, wisely so.

6. (10) The Squad

GM Rob Lay cut down on the controversy and started focusing on running his team. Will need to maintain that focus if The Squad hopes to compete long-term.

7. (8) He Man Woman Haters

GM Tome Aprik is working hard to establish himself as a league villain (even landing on Ass. Commish’s probation list) but his ramped up email participation is greatly appreciated.

8. (6) The Little Giants

Now the league’s least common contributor, GM Nick Loynes desperately needs to be more involved with the day-to-day operations of the league.

9. (5) Aptos Mudsharks

A spotty performance from GM Jason Anderson has the Aptos fan base slightly worried. After suggestion the league take a year off, fans everywhere are asking, “Is he truly committed?”

10. (12) TMNT

Muck-raking GM Josh Thorington is exuding an air of desperation. Rumors of internal strife among the TMNT front office will hopefully prove to be unfounded. Otherwise, TMNT fans are in for a long year.

11. (–) Pinto Bean

GM Nick Pinto is finally awarded a franchise in the TCFFL. He’s a bit of an unknown commodity at this point.

12. (3) No-Names

Rough week for GM Dylan Thor as he loses the naming rights to his franchise and once again, lands on probation. Dylan: “I’m about 105% sure that if I would have been at the draft last year, I’d currently be the reigning champ, and you can quote that.”

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