Preseason Power Rankings Week 4

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1. (1) Boobies In America

GM Dennis Lazar continues to lead his franchise with a strong and confident hand. His lottery draft initiative has greatly improved the league’s most exciting event.

2. (2) Cincinnati Bowties

The PPR vote threatened to harm the Bowties rankings until it came to light that GM Will Kerridge stole a teacher’s car and drove it across the courtyard in High School, preventing him from walking in graduation. The King Reigns.

3. (3) Pacific Island Boys

GM Justin Thorington is deftly handling the complex task of organizing the 2010 draft summit in Chicago. If he runs his team in the same way, the Pacific Boys may be ready for a playoff run.

4. (5) Team Wiseau

GM Jeff Spencer enacts dramatic changes to his franchise. While the direction and intensity Spencer is exhibiting has the fan base excited, the complex and long team name could be a hindrance in the long-run.

5. (10) TMNT

Fortune favored GM Josh Thorington as the draft summit was awarded to his home turf. If he can capitalize on the home-field advantage, TMNT could be poised for an interesting season.

6. (7) He Man Woman Haters

A tough call this week. GM Tom Aprik selflessly volunteers to head to the draft summit a day late, but there are those wondering if he’s actually serving as an enabler to Wife-Gate.

7. (9) Aptos Mudsharks

The league enigma. GM Jason Anderson is good for the occasional semi-coherent statement but his ability to run his franchise is yet to be seen.

8. (6) The Squad

GM Rob Lay needs to develop a thicker skin if he hopes to compete for a championship.

9. (12) No-Names

A quiet week for GM Dylan Thorington. However, in the No-Names case, this may be the best way forward.

10. (11) Pinto Bean

GM Nick Pinto is a non-attendee at the draft summit. His recent entry in the league serves as his excuse but his dedication needs to be ramped up if he hopes to make an impact in his first year.

11. (4) Way Too Much Shirt

GM Mike “Poppa” Lay has a busy, working-man’s schedule, making him one of only two non-attendees at the draft summit. Will he have the time to build a competitive franchise?

12. (8) The Little Giants

After Wife-Gate sends GM Nick Loynes’ team skyrocketing down the rankings, the whole league is asking, “Is he in control of his own team?”

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