Preseason Week 1 Power Rankings

Posted on August 16, 2010 by


1.Boobies In America

The young dynasty-in-the-making is poised for a championship run.

2.Cincinnati Bowties

Hard to count out the defending champs and GM Will Kerridge’s dirty tactics.

3.Way Too Much Shirt

Manager Mike Lay always has his team well prepared and ready to play


While his front office techniques aren’t ideal, GM Josh Thorington knows what he’s doing

5.The Little Giants

Always a middle of the pack team.

6.The Squad

GM Rob Lay is saying all the right things. Will it result in a team turn-a-round?

7.Pacific Island Boys

Very committed GM has ability to turn things around. Will he have the luck this year?

8.He Man Woman Haters

GM Tome Aprik runs a quiet, but well-oiled machine. Looking to make the jump this year.


Another quiet, yet solid performer. GM Mike Aldrich needs to make shockwaves in the draft.

10.The Aptos Mudsharks

You just never know how prepared GM Jason Anderson will be for the draft and season.

11.Wiseau FC

GM Jeff Spencer hoping to overcome some years of bad luck. Will marriage be a distraction?

12.No Names

It’s been a rough start for GM Dylan Thorington, landing on early probation. We’ll see.

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