Preseason Week 2 Power Rankings: Keeper-Gate Edition

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1. (1) Boobies In America

Spear-headed the successful vote to block the keeper-league initiative. GM Dennis Lazar is showing all the poise and leadership required to bring home a championship.

2. (2) Cincinnati Bowties

GM Will Kerridge exhibited a mostly-calming voice during the keeper-gate proceedings, while also providing some great in-depth statistical analysis.

3. (12) No Names

Incredible surge up the rankings after GM Dylan Thor found his voice and led the charge to strike down the Keeper-League proposal. Hoes fans have to be excited about the front office turnaround.

4. (3) Way Too Much Shirt

Working man GM Mike Lay has trouble making time for 100 daily email responses but came through and delivered confident vote essentially ending Keeper-Gate summit.

5. ( 10) Aptos Mudsharks

After fixing email issues, GM Jason Anderson started the franchise rebuilding process.

6. (5) The Little Giants

The wild card of the league in many ways. GM Nick Loynes is an enigma, posting the rare, brief league-wide statements. Tough to get a handle on the organization right now.

7. (7) Pacific Island Boys

Led hugely unpopular effort to enact keeper-league policy but was gracious in defeat.

8. (8) He Man Woman Haters

GM Tome Aprik was on the wrong side of the keeper-gate summit but doesn’t fall in the rankings because of the weak performance of other organizations.

9. (9) OchoCinco

GM Mike Aldrich was a basic no-show during the heated Keeper-Gate summit. Will suffer in the rankings if he posts another similar week.

10. (6) The Squad

Tough week for the Squad as embattled GM Rob Lay finds himself under investigation from the league.

11. (11) Wiseau FC

GM Jeff Spencer returns to the fray soon to begin righting the ship on a troubled franchise.

12. (3) TMNT

Controversial week for GM Josh Thorington. A dangerous combination of flip-flopping and ambivalence. Probation seems imminent.

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