No-Name GM’s Coaches Poll Vote Leaked To Public

Posted on August 17, 2010 by


No-Name GM Dylan Thorington

No-Name GM Dylan Thorington, the league’s lightning rod of controversy, continued his pre-season long assault on class and general smartness when his Coaches Poll vote was leaked to the press on early Tuesday morning.

The vote displayed an extremely random ranking order that seems to be the result of a devil-may-care voting attitude. The sentiment among the league’s General Managers is one of resigned acceptance, a “we’re disappointed, but honestly, didn’t expect much less” type of mindset.

League Morals and Ethics Chairman Jeffrey Spencer announced that any future voting violations would result in Mr. Thorington being placed in his still-warm-from-the-last-time seat on the TCFFL probation list.

Mr. Thorington was not available for comment.

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