Holiday Inn to Sponsor TCFFL Draft

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Holiday Inn Willowbrook

As part of a deal struck between the Traverse City – Flint Football League and Cincinnati Bow-Ties GM Will Kerridge, Holiday Inn Willowbrook (IL) will host the 2010 Draft.  In addition to equipment and amenities needed for the draft, the Chef has offered a variety of menu options at a discount.

Chef Biondo

“The chef and has offered a pan of mostaccioli with garlic bread and a bottomless nacho bar with cheddar cheese sauce, chili, sour cream, jalapenos.   14″ pizzas prepared personally for each GM for an additional cost of $14.00,” states Nina Longhini, General Manager of Holiday Inn Willowbrook.  “We are giving TCFFL a special rate of $60 plus tax and gratuity.”

Chaz Biondo is currently set to bartend this event, but Kerridge has other ideas.

“I put in a request with Ms. Longhini that the bartender be young, female and loose.  I hope the Holiday Inn understands the nature of the beast.  I’m not sure they are fully prepared for heavy, fun-loving drinkers and GM Joshua Thorington.”

As per Article III, Section 1 of the TCFFL Constitution, this matter now stands for a vote in front of the GM’s of the TCFFL.  The current cost without the food is $27.00.  If TCFFL accept the food sponsorship, the cost will rise to $35.00.

For his efforts in this matter, Kerridge has been dropped from Commissioner Thorington’s probation list.

Draft Room

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