Preseason Week 6 Power Rankings: Local Draft Edition

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1. (1)  Boobies In America

Drafting 9th out of 10 teams in his local draft, GM Dennis Lazar put together the best team in the league.  If it wasn’t clear yet, it is now: The BIA front office is the best at what they do.

2. (4) Pacific Island Boys

GM Justin Thorington is settling into a routine as commissioner and can finally turn his full attention to the PIB franchise. His plans for the league have been ambitious. Will his own team strategy reflect this same go-for-broke attitude? It remains to be seen.

3. (3) Cincinnati Bowties

GM Will Kerridge smartly re-aligned his dedication to the Cincinnati Bowtie organization when efforts to organize the TCFFL Draft food situation proved fruitless. The league is gunning for him, but GM Kerridge seems un-phased.

4. (7) Way Too Much Shirt

GM Mike Lay loaded his local roster with guys with Michigan-ties and left his organization nervous, but hopeful. The big risk/big reward strategy might be cause for concern but the WTMS fan base believes in this organization after their past successes.

5. (6) Team Wiseau

The stress of the pre-season has finally caught up to the Wiseau organization as GM Jeff Spencer throws out his back during a late-night skull session.  The Wiseau fan base is hoping back pain isn’t the only thing GM Spencer has in common with Boobies in America’s resident GM genius.

6. (8) TMNT

GM Josh Thorington now takes the title of “league wild-card”. Hard to know where he’s coming from. Will his duties as big man on campus distract him from running the TMNT front office, or will he thrive under the added pressure?

7. (2) He Man Woman Haters

GM Tom Aprik drafts Philip Rivers in the 2nd round of his local draft and in the process raises concerns about his sanity and ability to run his TCFFL organization.

8. (10) The Little Giants

GM Nick Loynes runs and executes a satisfactory local draft and begins to alleviate the fears that his organization was going to be a dual-run marital affair.

9. (9) Aptos Mudsharks

The less said about GM Jason Anderson’s local draft, the better (TO in the 4th round!). Focus has always been an issue for the Mudshark front-office and things don’t look very rosy now.

10. (5) The Squad

GM Rob Lay’s salty attitude and refusal to participate in the local flint league doesn’t bode well for his organizational commitment. This is a make-or-break year for The Squad.

11. (11) No-Names

GM Dylan Thorington hasn’t been very active on the league message boards, which actually works to his organizations advantage. Unfortunately, the few statements he does make are rife with annoying “Cutty” references that prevent him from climbing the standings.

12. (12) Italian Ice

Where has GM Nick Pinto been? As the league nervously shifts its eyes, wondering if the expulsion of former GM Aldrich was the right choice, the Italian Ice organization continues to move forward, rudderless, worrying those who care about the league’s well-being.

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