Out of Control or Just “Joshin” Around? Many Worried About TMNT GM.

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(Downer’s Grove, Il)

Recent word out of the TCFFL GM’s Association is that the league’s owners have expressed concern over TMNT GM Josh Thorington’s recent soft partying shenanigans. Over the past two weeks, Thorington has been a common sight at late night hot-spots near the team’s Downers Grove compound, dressing up in a number of costumes, including a nerd and some kind of early 90’s Bugle Boy model. Rumors abound that a large portion of the GM’s Association members feel that the TMNT GM is more focused on his big-man-on-campus reputation than he is with preparing his team for the draft.

TMNT GM Josh Thorington on a recent bender

When asked for comment, TCFFL spokesperson, Holiday Inn Nina, said the following: “The league’s GMs have voiced concern over the performance of a certain individual in the association, that is all I’m willing to confirm at this time. That being said, Mr. Thorington was right on the brink of being a true competitor in this league last year and one would hope that he is doing everything in his power to continue his team’s upward trajectory.”

Josh Thorington was not available for comment.

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