Preseason Week 7 Power Rankings: Pre-Draft Edition

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1. (2)  Pacific Island Boys

The Commissioner takes the top spot in the rankings with the fruits of his labor a week away from coming to….fruition.

2. (3) Cincinnati Bowties

GM Will Kerridge is making things happen, from airport rides to open bars, all while preparing the Bowties for another draft.

3. (11) No-Names

GM Dylan Thorington may miss the live draft summit, through no fault of his own. Will a draft environment free of distractions finally provide the ideal setting for a notoriously immature GM to thrive?

4. (5) Wiseau FC

GM Jeff Spencer moved his team up the rankings with a vague allusion to a mysterious draft board that couldn’t be fully shared with the league.

5. (8) TDs and Beer

GM Nick Loynes finally makes some good off-season moves, first with a solid flint-league draft and second, with an effort to volunteer to bring a newly delivered phone to one of the league’s GMs at the draft summit.

6. (7) He Man Woman Haters

GM Tom Aprik has a lot to prove at the draft, but regardless, the re-dedication of the HMWH front office has the fan base excited about the future.

7. (6) TMNT

After some bold league statements, GM Josh Thorington struggled to build any momentum in the controversy arena. But at least he’s trying.

8. (8) The Squad

Nothing exciting in The Squad camp, which means business as usual. The big question in Squad country is, Can GM Rob Lay find the focus to run the team or will he be distracted by college football pre-season hype videos?

9. (9) Aptos Mudsharks

The big worry for Mudshark fans is that GM Jason Anderson will be delirious with hunger after a few weeks of not eating. An empty stomach won’t help absorb any alcohol either. Things could get ugly.

10. (1) Boobies in America

GM Dennis Lazar sent shockwaves through the league when he announced he would not be wearing a suit to the draft. Many are upset, but in a typically savvy move, the BIA GM is placing all the focus on the team rather than the front office politics.

11. (4) Way Too Much Shirt

GM Mike Lay is completely capable of drafting a good team, but as the only GM without a physical presence at the draft, his ranking inevitably suffers.

12. (12) Italian Ice

Tisk, Tisk.

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