Thorington Brothers: Family or “Tainted Trio”?

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New pictures of TCFFL Commissioner Justin Thorington, brother/TMNT GM Josh Thorington and brother/No Name GM Dylan Thorington have emerged on TMZ just minutes after the Coaches Poll has all three Thoringtons receiving at least 1 first place vote.

It all started when Cincinnati Bow-Ties’ GM Will Kerridge was the first to discover what he calls “fishy.”

“The Thorington trio all get at least one first place vote even though none of them have done anything on the field to warrant it, and I get 3 last place votes even though I’m the defending champion.”

Moments later, posted pictures taken by the paparazzi of all 3 brothers in intension “league-related” discussion.  Word on the street is that the brothers had a wedding, but TMZ reports that the brothers seemed “to be in cahoots.”  The brothers also vacationed together this weekend.

GM Dylan Thorington denies cameraman

League Administration declined to comment and Commissioner Thorington did not return emails.

When confronted by the photographer, No Names’ GM Dylan Thorington said “No comment. Get that (expletive) camera out of my face.”

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