Week 1 Power Rankings: It’s Finally Time Edition

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1. (10) Boobies In America

This is truly an unbiased ranking.  Drinking since Thursday night, no one did more smashing and drinking than the Boobies GM. Stuck with the worst pick in the draft, GM Dennis Lazar made lemonade out of lemons and put together a high potential team.

2. (9) Aptos Mudsharks

GM Jason Anderson did some good drinking and impressive smashing. Andre Johnson was the right pick in the 1st round. The Mudsharks will be competitive.

3. (2) Cincinnati Bowties

Taking Adrian Peterson with the top spot, which GM Will Kerridge once again lucked into, could be the choice that makes or breaks the Bowties this year. A great drinking weekend for the Thrill (he was there since Thursday) almost secured the Bowties the top spot until GM Kerridge passed out on Sunday night.

4. (12) Italian Ice

GM Egg Pinto had a nice debut during the draft weekend, even enjoying a passionate weekend with a future doctor. The Ice were in desperate need of a leader at the helm, and they may have finally found their man.

5. (4) Wiseau FC

A lot to consider. GM Jeff Spencer made a great effort getting to the draft in Chicago and added some nice depth to his roster. The main thing holding the Wiseau ranking back was a few pass-outs, which is something that has plagued GM Spencer for years.

6. (7) TMNT

GM Josh Thorington had an up and down weekend. He did the best he could with a tough draft slot, and had some success in the drinking arena (specifically Sunday night), but at times his weekend was more like a romantic getaway with Denise the Piece.

7. (1) Pacific Island Boys

Commissioner Dusty Thorington organized an incredible draft and proved why he’s the head of the league, but the simple fact is, his drinking performance was one of the worst of the weekend. So it’s a push.

8. (6) He Man Woman Haters

GM Tom Aprik had a nice draft, even lucking into Chris Johnson with the 2nd pick. Hard to evaluate the drinking as he spent a lot of time outside the TCFlint social circle at night.

9. (11) Way Too Much Shirt

The ranking suffers because GM Mike Lay was unable to attend the draft, but he still managed to impress with his performance, wearing a suit and sitting through what must have been an interminable 6 hours on skype while the draft drunkenly continued.

10. (8) Jackie Paper Thin Skins

GM Rob Lay produces the most needed name change in history and hopefully begins righting the ship. He had some decent drinking and smashing numbers but a couple of TTs prevent him from being ranked higher. The name change shows he’s working on it.

11. (5) TDs and Beer

A decent draft for GM Nick Loynes is overshadowed by intensive Arthur hangout time at the expense of the TCFlint group. Hard to remember seeing this guy for more than a few minutes at the bar each night.

12. (3) No-Names

Sweet Dylan. While No-Name GM Thorington brought a surprisingly non-bratty demeanor to the draft, it’s hard to put him anywhere but last in the rankings after the draft he had. The No-Names seem to be at least a year away from being competitive.

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