Roster Scare

Posted on September 10, 2010 by


Aptos Mudsharks GM Jason Anderson


No Names GM Dylan Thorington


While the No Names and Aptos Mudsharks are competing on the field, their GM’s radical moves off the field has their respective fan bases worried. 

No Names GM Dylan Thorington waited until the last minute to start QB Drew Brees and WR Robert Meachum, and while he submitted his game day roster in time from Thursday, many GM’s and fans around the league were worried. 

“He (Thorington) hasn’t released any information to his fans. We don’t know who will start or if our GM is even worried about starting anyone,” said one anonymous No Names fan. 

“Last year there were weeks coach didn’t even set a line up,” said one No Name player who didn’t want to be identified. 

On the opposite side of the field, Aptos Mudsharks GM Jason Anderson had his team’s line up set with plenty of time to spare, however line ups now reveal that the Mudsharks may not be starting a QB or RB. The sharks recently acquired Peyton Manning and Chester Taylor in a trade, however the Sharks fans are still worried. 

“Is Peyton ready to start? He has had no practice time with the team. Will the gel? Will he fit in?” says Aptos fan Dana Suess. 

As Sunday approaches, fans, players and GMs across the league are hoping these two GMs get their acts together.

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