(Former?) King Kerridge Placed on League Probation

Posted on September 10, 2010 by


GM Will Kerridge in better, fatter days

After making disparaging comments that were in direct conflict with the TCFFL mission statement, Cincinnati Bowties GM Will Kerridge was place on indefinite league probation.

Kerridge is on the record as saying, “Ok gonna take a shower, I worked out while all you fatties were smashing.”

The Assistant Commissioner’s Office released this statement regarding the matter. “The TCFFL is a league of smashers. We are fat men who work every day to get fatter. All of the GMs in this league are expected to adhere by strict guidelines in accordance with the Smashing Act of 2009.  This probationary action is unfortunate due to the fact that as recently as last Saturday, Mr. Kerridge appeared to be in-line with league policy, ordering the filthiest mozzarella sticks known to man. It’s truly a disappointment that not only is he admonishing others for killing pizza, but is sinking so low as to be visiting a gym.”

Will Kerridge was not available for comment.

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