Probation for Lazar? Update: No.

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Assistant Commish & Boobies in America GM - Probation

TCFFL Assistant Commissioner Dennis Lazar has found himself in hot water after he was placed on plate Monday night.  Originally placed on probation for lack of participation during the first and most anticipated week in TCFFL history, Lazar compounded his problems after quitting on both his team and the league.

“You really hate to see that, and frankly I expected much more from him (Lazar)”, said League Commissioner Justin Thorington.  “For all the talk from the Boobies camp about change, it’s the same antics we’ve seen year after year.  I can only hope he gets his act together. He should call up fellow Flint member Jason Anderson if he needs some advice on game day participation.”


Recent documents back up Assistant Commissioner Lazar’s claims that he was flying for 7 hours on Sunday and as a result, missed every week 1 football game. In fact, Lazar even produced a dinner receipt from PF Changs which shows that he  had to miss the late Sunday night game as well. When asked for comment Lazar said, “I flew across the country and unfortunately was without internet all day. Then I went to PF Changs where, in order to not look weird in front of my new co-workers, I choked down the first vegetables I have eaten since I was able to form conscious memories. I nearly died.”

A groundswell of support formed behind A.C. Lazar but he refused to join in their calls for a formal apology from the commissioner’s office. “Listen”, Lazar said, “I’ve had a great working relationship with Commissioner Thorington and I consider him a friend away from the office. And I know he’s had a grumpy week. But I’m not a petty man, I don’t need an apology. The truth finally coming to light is the only thing I ever desired. And today, I am grateful.”

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