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Game of the Week: Aptos Mudshaks (1-0) vs. Ronald Weasels (1-0)
Two teams coming off of dominating performances square off in TCFFL’s Game of the Week.  Let’s look at a position by position breakdown.

P. Manning (Sharks) vs. P. Rivers (Weasels) – Many say that Sharks’ GM Jason Anderson made his team the one to beat when they acquired Manning via a trade with TMNT. Manning is the consummate fantasy QB, consistently putting up huge numbers week in and week out. Rivers is coming off a strong performance in the first week.  Manning will be throwing against a tougher New York Giants defense in Week 2, however he will have the added motivation of playing against his younger brother Eli. Meanwhile, Rivers will most likely be passing all over a Jacksonville defense that allowed over 300 yards through the air to an inferior Denver Broncos team.

Edge: Sharks – Only because Kyle Orton threw for over 300 yards against Jacksonville and the Giant’s defense will be much stronger than Houston’s.

R. Brown, D. McFadden (Sharks) vs. C. Johnson, A. Bradshaw, T. Hightower (Weasels) – Chris Johnson fell to the lap of Mudsharks GM Tome Aprik in the draft which proved to be a huge boost to an underrated organization. (Do folks realize he has the second best winning percentage?)  McFadden faces a weak St. Louis defense, but will eventually split carries with Michael Bush.  Brown will try to run against a Vikings defense that only allowed 134 total yards from New Orlean’s running backs. Expect a tougher week for Brown, especially with a pending DUI case on his mind.  Johnson will also have a tougher week against a tough, tough Steelers defense, but if anyone can run against them, it’s Johnson.  Bradshaw historically does well against AFC teams with a career average (including postseason) against AFC teams of 6.9 yards per carry. Indy’s defense allowed Arian Foster to blow up last week.  Hightower scores a lot of touchdowns, but with the return of Beanie Rat Wells, expect his production to go down.

Edge: Weasels: 3 running backs for the Weasels, including stud Johnson, and this one isn’t close.

A. Johnson, C. Ochocinco, Carolina S. Smith (Sharks) vs. M. Austin, Giants S. Smith (Weasels) – Aptos boasts arguably the best wide receiver corps in the business.  While Ochocinco probably won’t consistently put up the numbers from the first week, Andre Johnson will surely put up bigger numbers throughout the season. Steve Smith’s numbers could be hurt if Moore isn’t able to go and Wah Clausen has to throw to him. The Weasels start fantasy stud Miles Austin who scored 25.6 points last week and the NY Giants’ Steve Smith and was targeted most by Eli in Week 1.  The question here is if Austin can keep this pace and if Smith can steal red zone looks from Hakeem Nicks.

Edge: Huge edge to the Sharks.  No question.

H. Miller (Sharks) vs. Z. Miller (Weasels) – It’s Miller Time (sick) in this game.  Both had similar games in the first week and both have mediocre QB’s throwing to them.

Edge: Was going to call this a push, but will give the slight edge to the Weasels because Z. Miller will be playing a poor St. Louis team.

Buehler, Tennessee (Sharks) vs. Kaeding, Minnesota (Weasels)

Edge: I’m not getting into specifics with Kickers/Defenses and will call this a push.


QB: Sharks. RB: Weasels. WR: Sharks. TE: Weasels. K/DEF: Push. This game will be a shootout and will ultimately come down to Sharks’ 3 WRs vs. Weasels’ 3 RBs.  I think Sharks’ WRs will outscore Weasels’ RBs with Peyton Manning delivering the difference in a Mudshark victory. (Yes I know I voted for Weasels on the website, oops.)

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