Commissioner Thorington Abandons League Chat Over Offensive Comments

Posted on September 20, 2010 by


Commissioner Dust Thorington

Commissioner Dusty Thorington abandoned the traditional “TCFFL Game Day Chat Session” today after many members of the league began making a series of off-color jokes. About four hours into the eight hour chat, Thorington simply left the virtual meeting place with no warning and did not return.

This is not the first incident between the league’s crasser members and the stringent moral guidelines that the Commissioner adheres to. While some suggested that the Thin-Skin name be transferred from Rob Lay’s organization to Dusty Thorington’s, others stood behind the leader of their organization. “As long as he didn’t leave the chat to go run three miles, I won’t set up any league investigations. I won’t judge the Commissioner’s actions today except to say, it would have been nice to have had him there for the exciting conclusion to the day,”  said Assistant Commissioner Dennis Lazar.

Jason Anderson, the unofficial leader of the inappropriate joke summit, did not speak to reporters, but instead unleashed another long rant of one-liners about Mexicans. Commissioner Thorington was also unavailable for comment.

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