Boobies In America Trade Talks Heat Up

Posted on September 27, 2010 by


After a disappointing week 3, during which the typical BIA bad luck struck again, Boobies in America GM Dennis Lazar placed his entire team on the the TCFFL Calvin Johnson Trade Block.

Rumors are now swirling that Lazar has been in contact with a number of teams and that a trade is imminent. When asked for comment, Lazar said, “Yes, we are talking with a couple of teams right now. At the beginning of the year we were very happy with our team, but it seems the curse of the Boobies has struck again. I mean, who knows if Stephen Jackson is gonna be back this year. I’m pretty sure Brent Celek is dead…The point is, it’s time to shake things up. There are some personality issues that we need to resolve and some roster holes we are going to fill. But we are the Boobies in America. We will compete.”

When pushed further, Lazar also acknowledged that a trade was likely to happen sooner than later. “We fully expect to have a deal done by tomorrow night. There are some things in the pipe right now that I think the fans are going to be very excited about.”

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