Week 4 Power Rankings: The We’re Back Edition!

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1. Cincinnati Bowties (4-0)

Yes it sucks. Yes the CB’s have 80 less points against than the next closest team (the #2 team, coincidentally). The fact remains, the defending champs have earned (or lucked into?) the top spot until the unbeaten streak ends.

2. TDs and Beer (4-0)

Perhaps the most unimpressive 4-0 team in fantasy football history. A cupcake schedule and fluke performances have led GM Nick Loynes’ squad to the top of the standings. It’s not a question of if it falls apart, but when.

3. Jackie Paper-Thin Skins (3-1)

The name change worked wonders for GM Rob Lay and the newly christened Thin-Skins. Many consider this team to be the most talented in the league. The only question remaining is, can Jackie’s young guns, on which GM Lay is relying so much, last the whole season?

4. Ronald Weasels (2-2)

GM Tome Aprik turned the #2 pick into a consistent +100 points a week. While the Weasels seem to be a safe bet to compete all season long, GM Aprik’s itchy fingers may initiate a trade that derails the teams momentum.

5. Boobies in America (2-2)

After a blockbuster trade with GM Dylan Thorington, BIA GM Dennis Lazar once again has his overachieving team poised for a championship run. Brees is back leading the team and Lazar’s guidance is as steady as ever. Surely the favorites in the Kings division if not for the Bad Luck of the Boobies, which has struck early and often this year, in the form of injuries to the stable of BIA running backs.

6. Pacific Island Boys (2-2)

Mean GM Dusty Thorington is bringing a fierce attitude to the field every week and the entire organization has followed suit. Unlike other years of ho-hum performances, the PIB are the league’s most volatile team, capable of great success or glorious failure.

7. Italian Ice (2-2)

Riding a two game win streak, the Ice have gone from league joke to legitimate competitor. GM Egg Pinto has somehow rallied his team to back to back +100 point performances, doubling his totals from the first two week. Many are calling them Team Waiver Wire. As long as the wins keep coming, the Italian Ice fan base don’t care how it happens.

8. Wiseau FC (2-2)

It’s a pivotal time for the (hopefully) finally competitive Wiseau boys as their season hangs by a thread. GM Jeff Spencer has led his team to some good weeks and some not so good weeks, despite fighting an uphill battle against the possible resurgence of the Curse of Frizzy Lizzy. Only time will tell if Wiseau is for real or if its back to the drawing board for the embattled franchise.

9. Aptos Mudsharks (2-2)

After a hot start, the Sharkes are facing a 2 game losing streak and are fading fast. GM Jason Anderson has been accused of a lack of focus, spending hours playing Halo, and the Aptos fans are getting restless. The time seems ripe for a panic trade from GM Anderson, but the slightest misstep could end the Mudsharks season early.

10. TMNT (0-4)

The Curse of Denise the Piece is alive and well. With a different schedule, TMNT could easily be 2-2. But the fact remains, you’ve got to beat who you play each week, and so far, GM Josh Thorington has failed to inspire a championship-caliber performance from his team. TMNT fans know that the window is closing fast and drastic moves may be necessary.

11. Way Too Much Shirt (1-3)

A once proud franchise, now fallen on tough times, GM Mike Lay went for a veteran lineup and has paid the price. WTMS are consistently among the lowest scorers in the league, and a QB change from Old Man Favre to The Sanchize may not be enough to turn the season around. After an embarrassing loss in the brother vs brother Game Of The Week, there’s great unrest among the WTMS fan base.

12. Trash (0-4)

Poor, poor Trash. After starting off the season in terrible fashion, GM Dylan Thorington swung for the fences with a blockbuster trade, bringing in 4 starters to jump-start the organization. Then 2 of the additions got hurt while another had 0 catches in his first game in a new jersey. Once again, thing’s don’t look good for the league’s annual welcome mat, and after GM Thorington’s Coaches Poll was leaked to the press, many are questioning his capacity for sane thought. Trash fans aren’t worried, they’re resigned.

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