The Race To The Cheese: Rat of the Year

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The race is on for the TCFFL Rat of the Year Award. Who will take home the Kraft Cheese Trophy? After 5 weeks, the contenders are starting to separate themselves.

Cincinnati Bowties GM Will Kerridge

1. Will Kerridge: Now we know what happens when the Bowties lose a game. Between the reverse jinxes (“If Tome goes up one single point, this one’s over”) and sourpuss attitude, things got ugly. Any more Cincinnati losses and this could be a race for second place.

2. Dylan Thorington: From bad to worse, it’s hard to make sense of what is going through Dylan’s head. I guess any time you have a chance to make a trade for 2 players but not start either of them the first week, you’ve got to do it….Yikes.

3. Nick Loynes: Still squeaking by undefeated despite shaky performances, this nonsense spouting GM is a strong contender. Any more visits to the pumpkin patch and this rat will be in a field all his own.

4. Justin Thorington: With decreased participation as the Commissioner and increased participation as the head of the Fitness Initiative, respect for J Glenn is at an all-time low. Here’s hoping the trophy cheese is made with low-fat milk.

5. Rob Lay: The supposed smasher returns to a Chicago apartment that is empty of food. His solution? Go buy some pretzels and chocolate milk. This is one rat whose eyes AND mouth are bigger than his stomach.

GM J Glenn Thorington

TD's and Beer GM Nick Loynes

Rat Boy

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