Week 6 Power Rankings: The Mkmkmkmk Edition

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1. TDs and Beer (5-0)

What they lack in respect, TDs and Beer make up for in wins. Somehow these guys just keep getting it done, week after week. Being in a weak division helps, but at some point, you’ve got to call them a league favorite.

2. Ronald Weasels (3-2)

As if posting a whopping 149 points wasn’t impressive enough, the league’s most consistent team battled through the curse of the Bowties opponent to topple the Kings’ Division leader. The only thing standing in the way of the Weasels and their first every playoff berth is the mental game. Are they prepared for a long season?

3. Cincinnati BowTies (4-1)

And finally the luck ran out. Despite putting up over 100 points, the BowTies couldn’t count on their opponent to fall apart this time, dropping a huge divisional showdown to the Ronald Weasels. There is worry among the BowTies fan base after GM Will Kerridge showed himself to be a less than ideal manager when things go badly. The reverse jinxes? Tisk, tisk.

4. Boobies in America (3-2)

What a shame. The week that BIA announce themselves as the league’s highest potential team, the injury bug strikes again, this time in the form of  Calvin Johnson, who was cut down during a hot streak with a shoulder injury. GM Dennis Lazar is used to the climb being an uphill one, and just like you’d want Michael Jordan taking the final shot, Lazar is the right man to lead his team through the struggles that lie ahead.

5. Pacific Island Boys (3-2)

Angry GM Dusty Thorington was able to make his native magic work again, this time in the form of an upset over the fast-retreated Jackie Paper-Thin Skins. The PIBs are putting up solid, consistent numbers right now, but its unknown how many more questionable trades the organization can be subjected to before the season falls apart.

6. Jackie Paper-Thin Skins (3-2)

Bowing to the pressure of being the league favorite, if not for the fluke performances by Michael Crabtree and the NYJ defense, the Thin-Skins put up a real stinker this week. Having said that, GM Rob Lay has been successful at massaging flukes out of at least one player every week. With Arian Foster being a brat, it remains to be seen whether the house of cards that the Jackie Papes season is built on, will remain standing.

7. Italian Ice (3-2)

After a horrid start, the Italian Ice now boast the league’s longest non-TDs and Beer win streak in the league, at three games. After their early season troubles, it will be tough for the Ice to win any Points For tiebreakers. But the way GM Egg Pinto has his boys playing with a chip on their collective shoulder may finally motivate the Ice to play like the 3rd Pick team that they are.

8. Way Too Much Shirt (2-3)

Just when you thought he was out, the pull him back in. Led by the explosive Running Back duo of Ray Rice and Matt Forte, GM Mike Lay’s squad finally broke out and put together a statement win. While the league never lost faith, with only one owner predicting a WTMS loss, the organization needed this victory, badly, to prove that they still have some fight left.

9. Wiseau FC (2-3)

The curse of Frizzy Lizzy is alive and well. The Wiseau FC just can’t buy a bucket. Despite putting up over 115 points, when it came to crunch time, the Wiseau Boys buckled under the pressure and a once promising organization is now left asking, “Can this really be happening again?” GM Jeff Spencer is trying to rally the troops, while fans hope its not too little, too late.

10. Aptos Mudsharks (2-3)

Oh boy. Only three weeks ago, the Mudsharks were the favorite to win the league. Now, it’s a different story. After getting obliterated by the Boobies in America, GM Jason Anderson is left hoping that the eventual return of Pierre Thomas from injury will spark the team to early-season heights. The fans are buzzing, as there’s a lot of trade talk surrounding the Mudsharks, but unless Anderson can find a diamond in the rough, the downward trend may continue.

11. TMNT (0-5)

Was this the week that we discovered that although the Curse of Denise the Piece is in effect, the TMNT are also just not that good? After a horrible drubbing against TDs and Beer, GM Josh Thorington is being placed in the hot seat by the TMNT fan base. There’s not much time left to turn things around, and if Thorington is simply waiting for his luck to change, things are going to get a lot worse before they get any better.

12. Tummy Ticklers (0-5)

First GM Dylan Thorington makes a trade which provides the Ticklers with 2 players who don’t see the field in the week after, including Nate Washington who could have provided the win against the Italian Ice. Now, the league fielding its first 0-16 is looking like a possibility. It’s ugly out there in Tickler country right now.

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