Game of the Week – Cincinnati Bow-Ties vs. TDs and Beer

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This is a tail of two managers.  One is a soft spoken, deep, sometimes confusing manager with a penchant for curious, yet smart moves.  He is 5-0.  The other manager is a loud, abrasive, manager capable of talk so windy he puts a tornado to shame.  The two face off this week as the undefeated TDs and Beer take on the one-loss Cincinnati Bow-Ties in TCFFL’s Game of the Week.

QB: CBT – Matt Schaub vs. TDB – Tom Brady

Both quarterbacks have tough matchups this week.  Matt Schaub seems to have a better matchup, squaring off against Kansas City, but this is the same team that really held Peyton Manning in check last weekend (244 yards, 0 TDs, 1 INT).  In fact, KC has the 11th rated pass defense.  Tom Brady faces a tough Baltimore defense that was the #1 rated pass defense until this week.  But last week Kyle Orton went off against Baltimore (314 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INT). Brady does take a hit without deep-threat and PIB stud Randy Moss.

Advantage: Push

WR: CBT – Roddy White, Pierre Garcon, Santonio Holmes vs. TDB – Reggie Wayne, Dez Bryant, Danny Woodhead

We are not sure here if Loynes will start Woodhead, but most he will most likely go with a RB in the flex position. Reggie Wayne will likely edge Garcon against the Redskin’s worst ranked pass defense because he is the #1 receiver in Indy.  White plays a Philly defense that allowed Michael Crabtree (no seriously) go off last week, but are still ranked 12th in the league.  Santonio Homes looked rusty last week as Kerridge made a questionable decision to start him against a #3 pass defense in Minnesota.  The task gets easier this week against a middle-of-the-road Denver defense.  Meanwhile, Dez Bryant has the luxury of the #1 rated QB and PIB stud Tony Romo throwing to him, however it comes against a tough Minnesota defense.  With Miles Austin being a stud and Roy Williams in red-hot form, Bryant probably won’t do much.

Advantage: While Wayne will outscore Garcon, numbers and matchups favor the Bow-Ties.

RB: CBT – Adrian Peterson, Michael Bush vs. Michael Turner, Jahvid Best, Willis McGahee OR Marian Barber.

The smart move for TDs would be to start McGahee in a good rushing Baltimore offense, especially after a decent performance last week. Michael Turner and Jahvid Best could have big weeks against Philly (ranked 25th) and the Giants (ranked 13th) respectively.  Meanwhile, the Bow-Ties trot out stud Adrian Peterson who will want to make up for a poor performance last week, but will have to do so against the 7th ranked Dallas defense.  Kerridge’s Idol and “Greatest Back Ever” Michael Bush broke out last week for 135 total yards and a touchdown and plays the 20th ranked SF defense.

Advantage: TD’s because of numbers.  His 3 running backs will outscore the Bow-Ties 2.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Turner and Best out produce Peterson and Bush. 

TE: CBT – Antonio Gates vs. TDB – Vernon Davis

Antonio Gates, while not the #1 fantasy player his GM proclaims him to be, is a stud TE and will be playing against a horrible St. Louis defense.  Vernon Davis plays against a 10th ranked Oakland passing defense.

Advantage: Bow-Ties without a doubt.

K/DEF: CBT – Adam Vinatieri, Miami vs. TDB – Ryan Longwell, Philadelphia

These positions are so unpredictable. Philadelphia has more interceptions (8), fumbles (3) and sacks (15) than Miami (3,1,9) and both have scored 1 defensive touchdown.  Both teams play good offenses in Green Bay and Atlanta, although Bow-Ties would probably benefit if Rogers can’t play for Green Bay.

Advantage: TDs and Beer. Philadelphia has 58 points on the season and gets many more turnovers.

Overall: The key to this game will be which QB performs better.  I think Brady outscores a struggling Matt Schaub and TDs and Beers’ rushing attack will outscore the Bow-Ties receiving game.  TDs and Beer win 115.25 – 101.5

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