Commissioner’s Email to Girlfriend Leaked to Press

Posted on October 15, 2010 by


AP (Traverse City)

As Commissioner JG Thorington wages his battle of stubbornness against the TCFFL GM’s association by boycotting the group email dialogue, as well as refusing to change the name of the King’s Division to its rightful title, shocking emails have been discovered in which Thorington is implicated as sharing his GM and League responsibilities with his girlfriend, Alex Rapheal.

The Commissioner, who has come under intense and harsh criticism for his handling of the league recently, apparently mislabeled an email that he was sending. Instead of its intended recipient, Ms. Rapheal, the email ended up in the hands of the TCFFL Press Association. The ramifications of the message are potentially earth-shattering. The email reads:

“Thanks! Now it has me thinking that I should bench Hillis for Harvin. Oh no
I hate these decisions!

By the way, I should mention that you are literally the greatest girlfriend
in the world, so…lucky me :)”

Immediately upon release of the email to the public, the outcry has been building. Is Thorington in charge of his own team, or even worse, the league in general? When asked for comment, Assistant Commissioner Dennis Lazar would only say, “I’ll have a full statement regarding JG coming later today. But as for these emails, lets just hope this was a mistake, or even a prank by the Commish.”

Commissioner Thorington was not asked for comment due to the Press’ own boycott of the controversial figurehead.

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