The Race to the Cheese: Rat of the Year

Posted on October 20, 2010 by


1. JG Thorington
Who else would it be? Whether being a power-hungry dictator or a sarcastically nice brat, the controversial Commissioner is starting to run away from the pack.

2. Will Kerridge
The email bickering doesn’t help. The run of luck, where even the #1 team in the league only scores 80 points against the BowTies, makes it worse.

3. Dylan Thorington
It often seems like the only times Dylan speaks up are to rub JG’s shoulders like Buster Bluth. Heyyy brother? More like, Heyyyy trophy.

4. Rob Lay
At what point do the reverse jinxes stop? Claiming that he still didn’t have the game wrapped up when Bironas would have had to score 16 fourth quarter points proves that Lay has a better shot at ROTY than any team championships.

5. Nick Loynes
Worst. Name Change. Ever.

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