Statement from PIB GM Justin Thorington

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Moss and Thorington



With the breaking news that Pacific Island Boys’ Wide Receiver Randy Moss was waived by the Minnesota Vikings, PIB GM Justin Thorington released the following statement:

“I get crap all the time about Randy Moss from the rest of the league.  Y’all ask questions about me choosing to keep Moss instead of Harvin in the Wiseau FC trade and I do answer questions throughout the week.  But me personally, I don’t care. I’m not going to answer any more questions for the rest of this year regarding Randy Moss. If it’s going to be an interview, I’m going to conduct it … I’ll ask myself the questions, then give y’all the answers. So from here on out, I’m not answering any more questions regarding Randy Moss for the rest of this season.”

Randy Moss could not be reached for comment.

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