The Race to the Cheese: Rat of the Year

Posted on November 3, 2010 by


1. Jeff Spencer: After another disappointing drinking outing, lightweight Spencer is running away with the competition. Whether it’s ruining Halloween costumes or being beligerent by 7pm, this rat can do it all.
2. Rob Lay: If not for Spencer’s historic run, this guy would have to be the favorite. Smacking people’s drinks with rulers, passing out at the bar, nonsensical texts. The Rat Trifecta has been achieved.
3. Tome Aprik: Actual quote from MNF Skype: “Ugh, they got my order wrong! I wanted the chicken ceasar wrap and they gave me the chicken ceasar salad!” Then later: “They offered me a free dessert or beer to make up for the mistake. I said ‘No Thanks’.”
4. Nick Loynes: Apparently it was OK to go to East Lansing alone for Halloween but not Chicago? This is one rat that doesn’t make any sense.
5. Josh Thorington: This guy lives in Chicago right? Really poor Halloween weekend for the no-show.

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