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Wiseau FC (7-3) vs. SHOWTIME (7-3)

The battle for first place in the Heroes Division is on the line as Wiseau FC look to avenge a Week 4 loss to SHOWTIME.  Let’s take a look at the match-ups.

QB: Ben Roethlisberge (WFC) vs. Oakland; Tom Brady (SHOW) vs. Indianapolis

Oakland has the 3rd rated passing defense despite the fact that they have allowed 16 TDs through the air. Oakland has allowed only 1 team to pass for over 200 yard all season.  Meanwhile, Indianapolis has the 11th rated pass defense and have allowed 4 teams to pass for over 200 yards.  However, the Colts rank nearly last in rush defense which could mean Brady hands the ball of more than he throws it. 

Edge: SHOWTIME – Oakland’s pass defense is for real and although Roethlisberger put up huge numbers last week, the majority of those points came late in the game after New England jumped to a huge lead. 

RB: WFC – Jamaal Charles vs. Arizona, Peyton Hillis vs. Jacksonville; SHOW – Jahvid Best vs. Dallas, Michael Turner vs. St. Louis, Donald Brown vs. New England.

Peyton Hillis is a beast.  He currently ranks 4th among RBs in fantasy points averaging 18.07 pts/gm.  He plays a soft Jacksonville rush defense that is ranked 21st and allows 115 yds/game.  Jamaal Charles is currently ranked 10th in RB fantasy points and averages 15.02 pts/game.  Over the last 4 weeks he is averaging 18 pts/gm.  This week he plays the 28th ranked rush defense in Arizona that allows 132 yds/game.  For SHOWTIME Michael Turner continues his up and down season that saw a 22 pt performance followed up by a 4 pt performance.  Don’t sleep on St. Louis’ rush defense either – it is currently ranked 6th allowing only 98 yds/gm.  Jahvid Best plays a soft Dallas rush defense ranked 23rd (122 yds/gm), but Best has been hampered by turf toe on both feet and is averaging only 8.8 pts the last 4 weeks.  Donald Brown plays the 18th ranked New England rush defense but is hampered by the fact that he is garbage Donald Brown.

Edge: WFC – Hillis and Charles continue to remain among the upper echelon of fantasy running backs this year and have really favorable match-ups this week.  Meanwhile, Michael Turner is the only real threat for SHOWTIME.  WFC’s 2 RBs will likely demolish SHOWTIME’s 3 RBs.

WR: WFC – Dwayne Bowe vs. Arizona, Terrell Owens vs. Buffalo, Percy Harvin vs. GB; SHOW – Dez Bryant vs. Detroit, Reggie Wayne vs. New England.

Did you see Bowe last week?  He went off for 186 yds and 2 touchdowns.  Over the last 4 games he is averaging 20.75 pts/gm.  This week he plays 28th ranked pass defense.  T.O. looked like a primadonna last week and plays the 7th ranked pass defense.  Percy Harvin continued to shine despite not having Randy Moss to take away coverage.  This week he plays 15th ranked pass defense in Green Bay.  Harvin is averaging 16 pts over the last 4 games.  Dez Bryant continues to his ROY campaign for SHOWTIME. After getting off to somewhat of a slow start, Bryant is averaging 18 pts in his last 4 games and has emerged as Kitna’s go to receiver as defenses key on Austin. Bryan plays Detroit this week – enough said. Reggie Wayne has been slowed this year because of all of Indy’s injuries.  Wayne has remained relatively healthy, but he is the only real threat allowing defenses to double him.  He is averaging 10.1 over the last 4, but plays 29th rated New England pass defense.

Edge: WFC – Not only because it’s 3 vs. 2, but because his guys have been studs lately.  Bryant could keep this close vs. Detroit, but I don’t see it being enough to overcome WFC’s receiving corps.

TE: WFC – Marcedes Lewis vs. Cleveland; SHOW – Vernon Davis vs. Tampa Bay.

Edge: SHOWTIME.  I won’t dig far into this one.  Davis emerged as Troy Smith’s go-to last week and plays a tough passing defense meaning Smith will probably have to check down to Davis. 

DEF/K: WFC – Janikowski, Pittsburgh vs. Oakland; SHOW – Akers, Cincinnati vs. Buffalo

Edge: WFC – Pittsburgh scores a ton of points on defense and will look to have a better performance coming off of last week’s route.

Prediction – WFC 122 vs. SHOW 101

WFC is just too much for SHOWTIME with a high-powered, balanced attack.  Besides the Bow-Ties with Vick, WFC is the best team in the TCFFL.

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