Race to the Cheese: Rat of the Year

Posted on November 18, 2010 by


1. Jason Anderson: After initiating a full blown (slanderous) investigation into Ass Commish Dennis Lazar because he ate ONE turkey sandwich, the former leader of the smashing community has pulled a move not seen since Hollywood Hogan teamed up with the NWO, and joined the Fitness Initiative. After ruining his team, the only thing Anderson had going for him was smashing. Now? He’s a man with nothing.
2. JG Thorington: Does this guy still run the league? Better question: Is this guy still alive?
3. Will Kerridge/Jeff Spencer: I’ve never eaten rabbit. Therefore I would never go around saying rabbit tastes horrible, because, obviously, how would I even know? Apparently these two rats don’t live by the same rules. You’re a wizard Harry.
4. Egg Pinto: This guy comes in and emails for the first time all year complaining about the administration’s activity. This isn’t the pot calling the kettle black. It’s Matt Millen criticizing a GM for only earning a 2 seed in the playoffs.
5. Mike Lay: Recently became last in the league in emails (Loynes obviously doesn’t count). We’re all busy. I could get fired for doing this right now. But you gotta find ways to make it work.

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