Week 11 Power Rankings: “There Are You Happy Now?” Edition

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1. Cincinnati Bowties

What else is there to say? GM Will Kerridge must have sucked Zeus’ penis in another life to get this kind of fortune. The playoffs are already clinched.

2. Ronald Weasels

Still the second best team by a wide margin. If the Weasels can find some consistency, they’ll have a great chance to win it all.

3. Italian Ice

Who could have seen this coming 5 weeks ago? The team with the third pick in the draft is finally looking like it. They won’t win any Total Points For tiebreakers, but it looks like they won’t need to.

4. Wiseau FC

Is the Curse of Frizzy Lizzy over? Wiseau is riding high after committing a vicious rape and robbery against PIB GM JG Thorington, who had to watch his team get pummeled by half of his former roster.

5. TDs and Beer

While no one respects these guys, they’ve been atop the rankings the entire year. GM Nick Loynes could be a nice underdog bet to bring home his first championship.

6. Boobies in America

8th place in the league while scoring the 3rd most amount of points. The Boobies misfortune-filled season has been like watching Michael Jordan play with a knife sticking out of his spine.

7. Pacific Island Boys

The PIB’s are fading fast due to some questionable trading by GM JG Thorington. They’re not out of it by any means, but rumored tensions in the locker room has everyone worried: A common sentiment amongst the players seems to be, “If I perform well on the field, will I be the next player traded?”

8. Jackie Paper Thin Skins

While no one expects the Thin Skins to seriously compete for a title, a playoff berth would still cap off a nice season for the wildly inconsistent team.

9. Way Too Much Shirt

At this point, WTMS need to have a great finish to make the playoffs. The fact that a playoff appearance isn’t impossible is a win in itself for the embattled franchise.

10. TMNT

After getting way too much credit from his brothers and possible incestuous lovers, GM Josh Thorington is finally brought down to Earth after putting up a real stink bomb. It may be time to start building for next year.

11. Aptos Mudsharks

The only thing worse than GM Jason Anderson’s murdering of his team is his recent joining of the Fitness Initiative. It’s hard to believe these guys were league favorites 8 weeks ago. Now they’ve got a GM who is more focused on hitting the gym than he is maintaining any modicum of respect.

12. Dumblethor’s Army

While GM Dylan Thorington isn’t given enough credit for a pretty good team name, it’s safe to say this is a historically bad team. Next week’s game against BIA (who will probably have lightning strike Drew Brees mid-play) looks like their last chance for a win this year.

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