Playoff Picture: Week 11

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By Will Kerridge.  First, I’d like to thank Commissioner Thorington for running the greatest league in the world.  With out his guidance, we would be nowhere.  A lot of interesting things happened this past week, two teams clinched a playoff birth and two more kept their season alive. Teams are organized within headings so the team with the best shot at a playoff spot or higher seed are at the top.

The locks:

Cincinnati Bow-Ties (10-1) — The best start in TCFFL continues, one win away from clinching the regular season championship. Can also clinch with a Weasel loss. In control of the #1 overall seed.

T Wiseau CQ FC (8-3) — Huge victory over pretender SHOWTIME puts him in the drivers seat for the #2 seed and Heroes Division championship. Not an easy finish as the next two games are against teams desperately fighting for a playoff spot. He can end two seasons and clinch the divisional crown with a couple of wins, but if he loses this week and SHOWTIME wins out, he will lose the divisional record tiebreaker and could end up with the #4 seed.

Ronald Weasels (8-3) — After an inconsistent start of the season, the Weasels have quietly rolled up 5 wins in a row. Still in the hunt for the #1 overall seed, but would need to win their final two games, have the CBT lose their final two and still outscore the Bow-Ties by 50 over the next two games. He looks to be a lock for the #3 seed and can clinch this with one win.

Control their own destiny:

SHOWTIME (7-4) — They should be in the lock category, but for some reason Yahoo doesn’t have them as clinching a playoff spot. The worst case scenario gives them a 7-6 record with a 7-3 divisional record. None of the current 5-6 teams could have a better divisional record (which is the 1st tiebreaker) so it looks as if they have clinched at least the 6th playoff spot. Either I am missing something or I am smarter than Yahoo, regardless, there is no * next to their name and they can earn one with one victory over the next two weeks. Playing TMNT should help.

Italian ICE (6-5) — Tough loss against the Weasels this week, but a win over Dylan this week clinches a playoff spot. If the unthinkable were to happen, he would be in dire straights since he is 250 points behind BIA in the 2nd tiebreaker. This week is a must win for the ICE, but that is a very good thing when you are playing against Dylan.

Pacific Island Boys (6-5) — Squeaked one out against big brother last week and kept his playoff hopes alive. A win this week against the Thin Skins gives them a 6-4 divisional record and guarantees at least the #6 seed. If they lose, they could clinch with a Thin Skin loss and a Boobies in America loss or they would need to outscore Rob by 70 points plus whatever the margin of victory is for Rob this week. Definitely a precarious position, another absolute must win this week.

Still on Life Support:

J Paper Thin Skins (5-6) — The Thin Skins have the best chance of these three teams to make the playoffs because they basically control their own destiny. Rob’s situation does get complicated if he wins out, because he would need a Boobies in America loss, or would need to outscore them by 50 over these next two games. That is easier said than done as he must face the PIB this week and the overall #1 in the Bow-Ties in week 13. Two wins would give him a 7-6 overall record and a 5-5 divisional record with a massive edge in points over the PIB for the second tiebreaker. However, Rob’s team is in free fall, 1-4 over the past five games and have to be thinking about their history as the worst finishing team in the TCFFL. They are now a combined 1-13 over the past three seasons down the stretch.

Boobies in America (5-6) — If we are all honest with ourselves and put the reverse jinxing to the side for a moment, we can all assume ICE will beat Dylan. This means that the Boobies will need to grab a 4th playoff spot for the Kings division. Only a couple things need to happen for this to be a possibility. BIA must win out. Thin Skins need to beat the PIB. This would give the BIA a 7-6 (5-5) record and regardless of what the PIB do against Dylan, or what the Thin Skins do against the Bow-Ties in week 13, he would have a monstrous advantage over everyone because the 2nd tiebreaker is points. Dennis must become a huge Rob Lay fan this week, his playoff hopes depend on it.

Way Too Much Shirt (5-6) — He kept the playoff dream alive this week but is the biggest long shot of them all. The only way he can have a shot is if he wins out against the Wiseau’s and ICE, the Boobies drop a game, the Thin Skins beat PIB and then lose to the Bow-Ties and the PIB lose out. Having the second fewest points for and a 4-5 divisional record in the lowly Heroes division means he basically has to finish with a 7-6 record and not be tied with anyone. If he outscores the PIB by 20 over the next couple weeks, he could win the second tiebreaker, but the PIB would have to lose to the Thin Skins this week. Anytime you need 4 different things to happen in order to make the playoffs, you are not in a good position. WTMS is still alive though, so you should never count them out.

Gone Fishin’

Aptos Mudsharks (3-8) — Can play spoiler this week against best friend turned bitter enemy in his battle against the Boobies

TMNT (3-8) — Gave it his all against little brother but came up just short. Could make things very interesting by beating a vulnerable SHOWTIME this week.

Dylan (0-11) — The name changes, awful trades and 11 game losing streak could all be overlooked if he were able to pull the biggest (and most important) upset in TCFFL history by beating Italian ICE this week. The chances of this happening are basically 0, but that means there is still a chance. Could also ruin his brother’s season in week 13, but let’s be honest, Dylan is going 0-13.

Game of the Week — Playoff Picture edition:

If we are looking at firepower and a possible shootout, the true game of the week is Bow-Ties vs. Weasels, but since they both have playoff spots wrapped up the choice is easy.

Pacific Island Boys (6-5) vs. J Paper Thin Skins (5-6). As detailed above, whoever wins this game is in the drivers seat for the 6th and final playoff spot. Should be a epic battle of reverse jinxes and rat tactics, good luck to both teams mkmmk mmkmkmk mkmkmk.

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