Week 12 Power Rankings: FML Edition

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1. Cincinnati Bowties

GM Will Kerridge’s Three-Way sex marathon with Santa Claus and Poseiden, God of the Sea, is still paying off. The Bowties have a clear path to their third straight title.

2. Wiseau FC

GM Jeff Spencer’s club, often referred to as “Team Thorington” is now the team to beat in the Heroes division. If it wasn’t for the luck of the Bowties, these guys would most likely be the favorites to win it all.

3. Ronald Weasels

After fending off a surging Italian Ice team, the Weasels have locked up a playoff spot. GM Tome Aprik is definitely a contender, but he’s also very green in the tooth, with no playoff appearances under his belt.

4. Italian Ice

Not since the West Coast offense have we seen a new strategy so dominate a league. Team Waiver Wire sat back early and collected free agent assets, allowing them to become a legitimate contender in the strong Kings Division.

5. Showtime

GM Nick Loynes is not one for the spotlight. On the verge of a playoff berth after picking with the 7th pick, Loynes has done a nice job remaining competitive all season. Unfortunately a first round playoff exit may be in the Showtime future.

6. Boobies in America

Averaging something like 140 points the past 2 weeks, the Boobies in America were surging at the right time behind GM Dennis Lazar’s steady management. But alas, the historically cursed franchise saw their playoff hopes go up in flames when the heart and soul of their team, Hakeem Nicks, was declared out for the rest of the fantasy season. No team is better equipped at the Receiver position than the Boobs, but Nicks’ leadership isn’t easily found.

7. Pacific Island Boys

Yes, they’ll most likely make the playoffs. But when you think about what these guys could have been if not for the trades of GM JG Thorington, a one and done playoff appearance will disappoint most PIB fans.

8. Jackie Paper Thin Skins

As the young guns on the Jackie Paper roster have faded down the stretch, GM Rob Lay has seen his team lose some crucial games, none more painful than a loss in the Shirts vs. Skins brother rivalry. They’re not out of the playoffs yet, but there’s not a lot of money being placed on the Thin Skins.

9. Way Too Much Shirt

These guys aren’t out of it yet. GM Mike Lay has kept his team alive by the skin of their teeth after a rough start. While he’ll at least be invited to serve drinks at the Manager of the Year reception dinner, the early season damage was most likely too severe to overcome.

10. TMNT

These guys are who all non-Thorington league members thought they were.

11. Aptos Mudsharks

Playing on the side of the Curse of Reese the Piece this week should give the Mudsharks a great chance to win and have at least something to build on next year.

12. Dumblethor’s Army

GM Dylan Thorington is no stranger to the Front Page Blowout of the Week, but a 60+ point drubbing has still got to hurt. The Army is desperate for a win, any win, to close out the season.

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