Playoff Picture – Week 13 Edition

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Stupid Frank Gore and his stupid broken hip

Crazy week 12 in the TCFFL clarified the playoff picture. No additional team earned a gold yahoo star next to their name, but the division winners are set in stone and one GM saw his playoff hopes crushed. Here we go…


The locks:

Cincinnati Bow-Ties: 11-1, (9-1), TCFFL Regular Season Champion, Kings Division Champion — The Bow-Ties put an exclamation point on their remarkable season with a 56 point drubbing of the Weasels. With the win, the Bow-Ties clinch the regular season championship and the overall #1 seed for the playoffs.

T Wiseau CQ FC: 9-3, (7-3), Heroes Division Champion — By putting up the most points in the league for week 13, The Wiseau’s clinched a division title, secured the #2 seed and ended the furious playoff run for Way Too Much Shirt. Even though the Heroes is conclusively the weaker of the two divisions, a division title is a division title and the Wiseau’s have earned it.

Ronald Weasels: 8-4, (7-3) — The 5 game win streak came to a screeching halt, but the ineptitude of SHOWTIME allowed the Weasels to lock themselves in at the #3 position for the playoffs. The Weasels face off against their only mathematical competition for the 3-seed this week against SHOWTIME. In order to lose the 3-seed, the Weasels would need to lose to SHOWTIME by >105 points. Lock the weaz in at #3

SHOWTIME: 7-5, (7-3) — For some reason, yahoo doesn’t show that Loynes has clinched a playoff birth, but even if they lose this week, while the PIB and Thin Skins win, they would still get in because the 1st tiebreaker within the division is divisional record. They will get the 4th or 5th playoff spot depending on what they do against the Weasels this week and how ICE performs against WTMS. Loynes is the #2 team in the Heroes division, tied for the best divisional record with the Wiseau’s and is 0-2 vs the Kings division. Just food for thought.

Fighting for their lives:

Italian ICE: 7-5, (6-4) — Although they took care of business this week, their awful start to the year puts them in a precarious position. A win against WTMS this week guarantees at least the 5-seed. A loss and things get very sticky. With the 2nd fewest points in the league and out-of-divison ties being broken by total points, the ICE could find themselves out of the playoffs if they were to lose and both the PIBs and Thin Skins win this week.

J Paper Thin Skins: 6-6, (5-5) — Coming through when they needed it most, the win against the PIB puts them in the drivers seat for the 6th and final playoff spot. If they win, they are in, but only one team has beaten the Bow-Ties this year. They can still get in with a PIB loss, but that is highly unlikely considering they are playing Dylan. Having an 80 point edge on the PIB will help in any tiebreaker scenario since they both have a 5-5 divisional record.

Pacific Island Boys: 6-6, (5-5) — Heartbreaking loss to the Thin Skins, but even worse is losing Frank Gore for the season. Unless they can outscore the Thin Skins by 80 this week, the PIB need to beat the league door-mat and hope for a Thin Skin loss. The PIB fans have to be questioning the leadership after trading for Frank Gore and becoming enemies with the league favorite. There have been rumors the Bow-Ties will be benching their starters to keep them fresh for the playoffs, this could give the Thin Skins a cake-walk to the 6th seed and end the PIBs season.

On life support, with terminal cancer, a failing heart and brain dead…but still breathing:

Boobies in America: 5-7 (4-6) — If GM Dennis Lazar could have motivated his team to perform and beat a struggling Mudsharks team, he would have been in the drivers seat for the final playoff spot. Instead, he put up a season low 83 points and lost to one of the worst teams in the league. You can’t even say its bad luck, because all he needed was 95 points to win. His disassociation with the league and failure to complete his ASS commish duties are most likely to blame, but he still has a chance to make the playoffs. Dennis would need all of the following to happen in order to grab the 6th seed: beat the surging T Wiseau CQ FC, a loss from the PIB, a loss from the Thin Skins and maintain their 18 point advantage over the Thin Skins for the tiebreaker. I would give the Boobs a 5% chance of beating the Wiseau’s so a playoff birth is highly unlikely. For the self-proclaimed best manager in the league, no playoffs must be quite a shock.


Way Too Much Shirt: 5-7 (4-6) — The intradivisonal loss to the Wiseau’s ended any hopes of a playoff run for WTMS. Even if they finish 6-7 along with the PIB and Thin Skins, the 1st tiebreaker within the division is divisonal record, and they would lose this at 4-6. They do have a chance to ruin the Cinderella season of ICE this weekend, let’s hope GM Mike Lay doesn’t quit on his team like Dennis does.

Aptos Mudsharks: 4-8, (4-6) — Giving their fans something to look forward to and building to the future, a massive upset against BIA sent shock-waves through the TCFFL. A battle against fellow cellar-dweller TMNT looms on the horizon. A big game for the future, but no implications on the playoff picture

TMNT: 4-8, (2-8) — Dealt a serious body blow to the playoff chances of SHOWTIME with a big upset last week. It’s good to see Josh not giving up on his team late in the season, heavily favored to beat the Mudsharks this week and could tie WTMS for 5th place in the division.

Dylan: 0-12, (0-10) — 0 and fucking 12. The name changes, the rat tactics, turning his back on his own division, it looks like Dylan deserves a 0-13 season. He has a chance to ruin his brother’s season with an impossible upsenet of the PIB this week, but there is a better chance he becomes president.

Good luck to everyone this week.

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