The Race to the Cheese: Rat of the Year

Posted on December 3, 2010 by


1. JG Thorington: Another rough week for the embattled Commissioner. With his participation at an all-time low, and grumpiness at an all-time high, the revelation that his girlfriend and Co-Manager was back in town has many in the league worried that this rat has the TCFFL low on his priority list.

2. Nick Loynes: You can’t underestimate how ratty this guy has been this year. The emails don’t come often, but when they do, they sure don’t make any sense.

3. Jason Anderson: Former Chairman of Smashing and Halo is now openly shunning both of his former loves, to the detriment of the entire league.

4. Dylan Thorington: In this week’s edition of “How Ratty Can He Get?” we saw Thorington change his team name to the Cincinati Bowties. Dylan, would you like American or Provolone?

5. Josh Thorington: Does this guy still have a functional email account?

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