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No, not the Consolation Edition. This is the preview of the real deal.  The teams that earned their way into the playoffs.  Not the teams who choked down the stretch.  Not the teams that couldn’t rebound from a slow start.  Not the unlucky, cursed, or bad.  And definitely not the “well if you look at my statistical analysis, if I played this schedule…” teams. This is a preview of the first round of THE playoffs.

1. Cincinnati Bow-Ties – Bye

2. Tommy Wiseau’s Close Quarter American Football Club – Bye

3. Ronald Weasels vs. 6. Italian ICE

Philip Rivers is having an amazing season – averaging 19.34 pts/gm.  This week he plays against 21st ranked passing defense.  Meanwhile, Flacco (16 pts/gm) is playing Houston’s last ranked pass defense – one that has allowed 27 touchdowns.  Look for this to be a shootout between the both of them, with Rivers getting the edge – seriously his numbers are awesome this year.

At wideout you have: RW – Steve Johnson vs. Cleveland & Miles Austin vs. Philly; II – Anquan Boldin vs. Houston & Earl Bennet vs. NE.  You may be asking yourself, “WTF? Earl Bennet? Seriously?”  Slow your engine, bruh.  Not only does ICE have Boldin vs. the worst pass defense since 2010 Michigan, but Earl Bennet, who has become the go-to in Chicago, plays against the 2nd worst pass defense in the league.  Weasels have decent matchups with Cleveland and Philly ranked 20th and 17th in pass defense respectively. I’ll give the edge to ICE with his match ups and because of Austin’s drop in production since Kitna and Johnson’s drop in production since, well, “the drop”.

The MEATIEST, and I mean meaty, matchup in this game is at RB. You have should-be studs in Chris Johnson (RW) and MJD (II). Solid #2s in Bradshaw (RW) and Jackson (II) and “live-by-die-by” guys in Blount (RW) and Ivory (II).  This should be good. CJ has been struggling -only scoring a grand total of 9.4 in the past two games.  He may get a boost this week by playing the 29th ranked colts rush d.  Bradshaw has been moved to #2 behind Jacobs, but he wasn’t getting many redzone carries anyway. He plays the 4th ranked Vikings this week.  Blount has been a welcome surprise to the Weasels, but is very up and down.  Look for him to be up this week against the 28th ranked rush d in Washington.  ICE have MJD who has been hot down the stretch against a bad Oakland rush d (23rd) and Brandon Jackson, who has not been great, against the 25th ranked Lions D.  Finally, Chris Ivory, who went nuts last week, plays a middle-of-the-road St. Louis defenst.  This one is too tough to call – PUSH.  Look for this to be the spot the game is won and lost. 

4. SHOWTIME vs. 5. Pacific Island Boys

Why isn’t anyone talking about SHOWTIME going off for 130 last week?  This team can be so Jekyl and Hyde. At QB you have stud Brady (SHOW) vs. the 13th ranked Chicago pass D.  Brady has been a stud all year.  Expect that this week.  PIB are going with Josh Freeman (who has comparable numbers to Matt Ryan) vs. the aforementioned Washington shitty pass defense.  Still, the edge has to go to SHOWTIME.

I am so tired of doing this, I’ll make it quick.  SHOWTIME has Reggie Wayne and Sidney Rice.  Rice went off last week but plays the 2nd ranked pass d in NYG.  Wayne plays tonight against Tennessee (23rd)…look for Peyton to end his cold streak.  Meanwhile, PIB boast Brandon Lloyd vs. awful Arizona (25); Marques Colston vs. surprising St. Louis (19) and Jeremy Maclin vs. dinged up Dallas (25).  Edge goes to PIB with the matchups/numbers.

This game, like the previous, will be won and lost at the Running back position. For SHOWTIME Michael Turner is on an impressive three game run (17.3) and plays a horrible Carolina (27) rushing defense.  Jahvid Best has been hampered by turf toes and has taken on a diminished roll.  He plays an average rush defense in GB (18).  Finally you have Danny Woodhead aka “The Little Engine that Could.” He could be stopped in his tracks against the 2nd ranked rush defense in Chicago, but he also gets a lot of time as a WR.  For Pacific Island Boys you have Rashard Mendenhall who is quietly having his best year yardage-wise, but leaves a lot to be desired as far as TDs.  This week he plays the 23rd ranked Cinncy defense who have allowed 13 tds this season (not good).  With the injury to Frank Gore, there is nothing left.  PIB could play Woodhead-esque Dexter McCluster vs. SD (5) or either Washington RB (Torrain, Williams) vs. TB (26).  Edge here goes to SHOWTIME.

My predictions: Weasels squeak it out over ICE and PIB show-stop SHOWTIME.

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