2011 Draft Order Announced

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TCFFL Commissioner J.G. Thorington has been busy this offseason as changes are abound.  Most notably, TCFFL will make the switch to a keeper league meaning the draft order is released early so GM’s can strategize accordingly.  The 2011 Draft will still snake, and teams will draft in this order:

1. Pacific Island Boys

2. T Wiseau FC

3. Boobies in America

4. Pacific Island Boys


6. Dumblethor’s Army


8. Italian ICE

9. Ronald Weasels

10. Thin Skins

11. Way Too Much Shirt

12. Sharks

The talking point of this draft will most certainly be the omission of Cincinnati Bow-Ties.  According to Thorington, the Bow-Ties have forfeited their draft pick and instead have to assemble their team from the Waiver Wire.  When asked why the Bow-Ties had to forfeit their pick, Commissioner Thorington said, “Well there are a few reasons CBT won’t draft this year.  First-of-all, Kerridge has lucked out with the first pick the last few seasons, yet he claims to be a great GM. Think of this as a challenge for him and an opportunity to put his money where his mouth is.  Furthermore, he was so critical of the Waiver Wire and teams that used it that he will have to assemble his team from the WW as punishment.  It is akin to a parent making their child smoke a whole pack of cigarettes after catching them smoking.”

The Commissioner also noted that TCFFL is switching to a Keeper League because “No one wanted an auction draft, but clearly something had to change.  I’ve been called out this offseason for not being a commissioner who stands for something, so I’m just going to push my own agenda.”

Many fear the Commissioner has gone mad without any form of accountability.  In fact, one-time Chairmen of League Moral and Ethics Jeff Spencer not only stepped down from that position, but Spencer has seemingly joined the Commissioner on the dark side.

With a League Summit looming and no date set, Commissioner Thorington’s tyranny seems to have no end in sight.

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