Oddsmakers Release Predictions for Bowties GM Bachelor Party

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Las Vegas bookmakers have recently released the odds for this weekends’ get together of TCFFL GM’s at the bachelor party of Cincinnati Bowtie Will Kerridge.

The odds represent the chances of how likely it is that each individual manager makes it out on Saturday night after a long day of drinking in the hours before.

GM Dennis Lazar: 7/2.

– Lazar has never disappointed. The experts expect much of the same this weekend.

GM Jason Anderson: 1/2

– Anderson is a broken man with nothing to lose. He needs the night out.

GM Rob Lay: 1/4

– After a bad showing at Jeff Spencer’s bachelor party on Saturday night, Lay has been making strides.

GM Mike Lay: 1/6

– Lay isn’t one to stay behind, but will he be able to adapt to the old college drinking schedule easily?

GM Will Kerridge: 1/2

– If it wasn’t his party, the odds would be worse. But Kerridge will be out to king it up one last time.

GM Jeff Spencer: 1/5

– Spencer is a wild card. He had an improved performance in Chicago a few weeks ago and he’s hoping to build off that.

GM Nick Loynes: 1/10

– Loynes drinking strength centers around the low-key “hang-out” style so it will be interesting to see if he’ll thrive in a casino setting.

GM JG Thorington: 1/17

– The TCFFL draft was either a fluke or the beginning of a troubling slide for the Commissioner.

GM Josh Thorington: 1/29

– A few rough performances in recent weeks have cast doubt upon Thoringtons stamina. With a big test the day before, the money is on him going hard on Friday and running out of gas the next day.

GM Tom Aprik: 1/9

– GM Weasel is very enthusiastic and he tries hard. He gets tired easy but Aprik has the ability to rally.

GM Pinto Family: 1/4

– While many are hoping to see Pinto Bean reach Aptos levels of drunkeness, the Egg’s stellar outing on Saturday of draft weekend has the odds strongly in these guys favor.

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