A Commissioner of Betrayal

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A Commissioner of Betrayal

How the leader of the TCFFL turned his back on the league he helped create.

On Monday, June 13th 2011, former Traverse City Flint Football League Morals and Ethics Chairman Jeffrey Spencer received a shocking bit of insider information from Ben Berger, Head of the rival MSUSCFL. Those with knowledge on the subject know that the MSUSCFL has always been the “Little Brother” to the TCFFL, copying everything the league does, even going as far as duplicating its web page design. The tip that Mr. Berger let slip to Mr. Spencer contained enough earth-shattering information that if proven true, could shake the entire foundation of the TCFFL.

A Commissioner With A History

Justin Glen Thorington, once known as Uncle Dusty before a tragic event (his college graduation) caused him to grow up and become the responsible, less-fun JG Thorington, has seen his share of controversy as head of the TCFFL. Although his ascension to the top spot was the result of a mere technicality (he set up the first TCFFL draft on yahoo 4 years ago) no one ever doubted his ability to manage the league. However, the past 2 seasons have been full of administrational miscues and gaffs by the Commissioner. From letting his younger brother run rampant on the league email chain to his misguided belief that “bickering and arguing” were acceptable ways to raise league participation. Yet even with his troubled past, Thorington’s most vocal non-brother supporter has always been Wiseau FC GM Jeff Spencer. Once Spencer spoke with Berger however, everything was about to change.

One Shocking Revelation Yields Countless More                                                                           

Little did Jeffrey Dollars Spencer know, but he was about to become the Woodward and Bernstein of the TCFFL.  After Spencer sent out an ominous email to the TCFFL ownership committee informing them of a brewing controversy, no one in the league seemed to pay attention. Fake controversies are the most common occurrence in the TCFFL email chain after racial equality arguments and meaningless stat breakdowns. However, little did the Ownership Committee know, Spencer was holding an atom bomb in his pocket. And there finally came a point where he could no longer keep his opinion in his pocket.

In an interview with Spencer, the former Morals and Ethics chairman seemed at peace with his decision to come forward. He spoke clearly and with a crisp memory for all that had taken place. “I had breakfast with Ben (Berger) and he asked what I thought about Dusty trying to join their league. I said I had heard of it but didn’t take it seriously. Then they said that he was talking to the late night trying to get his application filled out and that he was working on a website to get consideration vs. three others”. All of this effort coming from the man who has for all intensive purposes given up on the league that he runs and helped make great? How could this be? And yet, the bombshells just kept coming. “Ben confirmed that Alex (Rapheal, Thoringtons longtime girlfriend) manages a lot of his trades” Spencer said. Boom.

If this was as far as it went, Thorington would find himself in the  hottest of water. But somehow, there is more. “Ben told me they have JG on their email group too. And last year he drafted for one of the players in their league” Spencer continued. And still, there is more.

The Tweets Heard Round The World

When Thorington was finally confronted with the damning information against him by Assistant Commissioner Dennis Lazar in a league-wide email, it seemed that JG was finally done hiding. He quickly blasted off over 10 public tweets to various MSUSCFL members, pleading for inclusion in their league. While Thorington continued to assure TCFFL owners that his ability to lead the league would in no way be affected by joining another organization, there were many skeptics in the crowd. “He’s already pretty much abandoned us and now we find out why. If he’s given up this much interest before he even gets accepted into their league then what chance to we have for his attention when he’s actually a part of it?” asked Ronald Weasels GM Tom Aprik. Jeff Spencer went so far as to say, “Let’s be honest, if he’s now Commish and is the kid trying to earn his stripes in a new league, do you think he has time to even participate in ours?” He continued “I tried to protect Dusty because of our alliance but the website, application, and fact that they have been hearing from him in Hong Kong while we sit idly by did it for me. I feel like Maurice Clarrett.” Even Ben Berger himself chimed in saying, “I cannot believe Will (Kerridge) has not gotten a hold of this. What if he (JG) doesn’t get voted in our league and is the black sheep of yours? Haha”. Being the black sheep in the TCFFL may be even too lofty a goal for Thorington at this point.

The Final Word

The actions of JG Thorington have no precedent. It would be like if John Lennon decided to leave the Beatles for the Monkees. He has brought shame and disgrace to a once proud league and his future is clearly a muddled one. While Thorington himself was not available for comment, his Assistant Commissioner Dennis Lazar was: “You know, I’m just sad. JG and I have been through it all as an administration and this is just one of your nightmare scenarios right now. I want the league to be the best it can be but at this point we just have to hope the damage isn’t irreparable”.

Additional reporting done by Jeff Spencer

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