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Italian ICE (1-0) vs. Dumblethor’s Army (1-0)

During the week between the draft and the first week of games, many general managers in the league had questions about both teams’ drafts.  Italian ICE and GM Nick Pinto came under fire during the Week 1 Podcast where the prognosticators claimed he had one of the worst drafts.  Dumblethor’s Army GM Dylan Thorington, who hadn’t won a fantasy football game in years, took Darren McFadden 6th overall ahead of the likes of LeSean McCoy, Roddy White, Andre & Calvin Johnson, and Larry Fitz.  However, after a savvy trade for Roddy White and a 16 point performance for McFadden, Dumblethor’s Army seemed to have turn things around.

The winner of this match-up will be the team to beat in the Kinds Division, while the losing team will drop in the standings and have some real questions to answer.

There were a few other candidates for GotW – most notably Cincinnati Bow-Ties (1-0) vs. Ronald Weasels (1-0), however ICE/Army gets the nod because these aren’t generally teams that get the spotlight.

Let’s take a look at the match-ups.

QB: Matt Schaub (DA) vs. Miami; Matt Stafford (II) vs. KC

Miami gave up huge numbers to Tom Brady last week, however 99 of those yards came on the longest passing touchdown in league history.  Oh, and there is also that little fact that Matt Schaub is not Tom Brady.  Matt Schaub had a bad week vs. Indianapolis, and (bad news for the Army) Miami’s defense is much better than Indianapolis’.  Miami was a top 10 defense a year ago and returned 10 starters.  Don’t let the first week performance fool you – this is a good defense.

For the ICE, Matt Stafford take on a terrible KC defense that just lost their best player in Eric Berry when his Achilles heel proved to be his Achilles heel.  Stafford looked sharp in Week 1 and was unlucky to have a deflected pass intercepted.  However, anytime you talk about Matt Stafford you have to mention the caveat “if he stays healthy”.  I don’t see KC’s defense putting much pressure on Matt for this game – it could be a huge one.

Edge: ICE. Edge definitely goes to Stafford here against a poor defense that gave up 8,000 yards to BUFFALO.

WR: Roddy White (DA) vs. Philly, Greg Jennings (DA) vs. Car, Jacoby Jones (DA) vs. Miami; Miles Austin (II) vs. SF, Jeremy Maclin (II) vs. Atl

When Dylan pulled off the trade for Roddy White, he solidified his WR corps as one of the best in the league.  Roddy White has a tough match-up against Philly’s secondary, but Atlanta aired it against to Chicago and are expected to air it out again.  Jennings could score 25 points against an awful Carolina defense that gave up some big plays to Arizona.  After those two studs, it really drops off for the Army.  Right now he is starting Jacoby Jones who had 3 catches for 43 yards and scored a TD on special teams. DA also picked up Gaffney who could start in his place.

For the ICE, Miles Austin is still the go-to guy in Dallas, despite Dez Bryant on his tail. Austin had a big performance last week against a really good Jets secondary and will likely repeat that performance this week against a worse secondary.  Jeremy Maclin, who hasn’t fully recovered from a viral infection, was only targeted 3 times in the game against St. Louis.  Hopefully the Eagles can get their pass game rolling – they only throw 14 times last week and only 10 went to WRs.  Maclin should have a better game this week.

Edge: Dumbelthor’s Army without question.  Jennings could absolutely blow-up, and while Austin might keep it close with Jennings, Roddy White is a much better option than Maclin.

RB: Darren Mcfadden (DA) vs. Buffalo, Ahmad Bradshaw (DA) vs. StL; Ray Rice (II) vs. Tenn, Reggie Bush (II) vs. Houston, CJ Spiller (II) vs. Oak.

Did you see what Ray Rice did to Pittsburgh?  Can you name one player on Tennessee’s defense?  Yeah, Ray Rice is going to have another huge week for Italian ICE.  If he put up 29 against Pitt, just imagine what he could do against Tennessee.  This is assuming he doesn’t come out flat after giving it his all against a heated division rival.  I don’t foresee that happening as the Jacksonville had their way with the Titan’s D last week.  Reggie Bush isn’t going to see the 100 yard mark for rushing yards anytime soon, however he catches a ton of balls and is the only option in Miami.  Larry Johnson didn’t see the field for the Fish last week and rumor has it the battery on his Hoveround died during pregame warm ups.  Not sure what to make of Houston’s defense as they played an awful Colt’s team last week.  Expect Bush to rush for about 50 yards and add another 35 off of 7 receptions.  Not much can be said about CJ Spiller at this point.

For the Army, he trots out McFadden who had a 16 point performance last week despite not scoring a touchdown and Bradshaw who had a decent game given he is in a full-fledged time share.  The good news for the Army is that Bradshaw plays an awful Rams defense who gave up over 200 yards rushing on the ground.  McFadden plays what looks to be an improved Buffalo defense.  McFadden probably won’t have the same kind of production on the ground, and even though Marcelle Reece looks like the goal line option, McFadden will probably still score and have a similar output as far as points go.

Edge: Italian ICE. This will be close.  The Army has decent match-ups, but I can’t imagine the Army RBs making up for what should be a huge week for Rice and the pass catching Bush.

TE: Aaron Hernandez (DA) vs. SD; Brandon Pettigrew (II) vs.KC

I wonder if Dylan sent a thank you note to Will.  Will sent an email Sunday night making fun of Dylan for draft the wrong New England tight end.  First, Dylan didn’t draft Hernandez, but more importantly Hernandez promptly went off for 7 catches for 103 yards and a TD.  San Diego gave up the least amount of points to TE’s last week, but, again, Tom Brady is on another level and loves his TEs.

Brandon Pettigrew was a popular target for Stafford last week, however his biggest target ended up being dropping a sure TD last week.  KC gave up two TDs to TEs last week, but will Stafford continue to drop Ole Butterhands?

Edge: Army. Hernandez and Brady are in fine form early and I don’t see Pettigrew out playing Hernandez, even if it is against a worse defense.


Dumblethor’s Army: 126.45: Schaub – 14.8; White – 19.2, Jennings – 27.3; McFadden – 15.7; Bradshaw – 12.3; Jones – 7.5 Hernandez – 14.5; Gould – 8.15; Wash – 7.0

Italian ICE: 122.42: Stafford – 19.44; Austin – 21; Maclin -8.1; Rice – 30.8; Bush – 12; Spiller – 4.5; Pettigrew – 11.4; Gostkowski -8.18; Philadelphia – 7.0

Dumblethor’s Army move to 2-0

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