Week 4 Power Rankings: ‘Is the league dead?’ Edition

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1. Pacific Island Boys

GM JG Thorington’s squad has looked unstoppable so far as the Theory of the 1st pick gains more supporters than ever.

2. Italian Ice

Second highest scoring team faltered under the newly-established “Luck of the Wiseaus”. With a big game coming up against the luckiest team in the league, the Ice need to put away the Pitness Initiative to remain a power player in the league.

3. Pitness Initiative

While no one respects what they’ve done yet, including being outscored by 4 of the 6 Kings Division teams, you can’t place GM Jason Anderson’s team any lower than this until they lose a game.

4. Jackie Paper Thin Skins

A gusty win for the Thin Skins over Showtime last week has fans hoping GM Rob Lay can finally break away from the “mediocre” label that has plagued him his whole career

5. Boobies in America

Has the luck finally turned or was even the Curse of the BIA’s not enough to overcome how bad Blue Polaski’s Boys are? It’s a question that remains to be seen. Everyone agrees that GM Dennis Lazar has put together one of the strongest teams in the league but everyone also agrees that it’s not on the field production that’s likely to hold BIA back.

6. Ronald Weasels

The Weasels come back to Earth with an embarrassing 90 point performance last week, finally ending the win streak that began last year. GM Tom Aprik hasn’t been faced with any kind of adversity in a long time and he’s no longer able to fly under the radar. How will he respond?

7. Dumblethor’s Army

Yes they’re 1-2. Yes they’ve dropped their last 2 games. Doesn’t matter. GM Dylan Thorington’s roster is way too stacked to stay under .500 for long

8. Tommy Wiseau FC

Lowest Points Against in the league. 3rd Lowest Points For. GM Jeff Spencer has his squad at a precarious 2-1 so far this year. While Tommy Wiseau fans are hoping that luck is on their side this year, if it isn’t, things could get ugly.

9. Weekend at Bernie’s

GM Josh Thorington gets his first win of the year against a depleted Cincinnati Bowties team last week and in the process sends a message to the league that Bernie’s aren’t done yet.

10. Showtime

Showtime have struggled so far, posting an early 0-3 record, owing to some managerial miscues from GM Nick Loynes. The only hope for this team is that the players come together and win in spite of their front office leadership.

11. Cincinnati Bowties

Injury ravaged and depressed, the Bowties fan base were almost ready to throw in the towel on the 2011 season until whispers of a trade between Bowties GM Will Kerridge and Blue Polaski’s Boy GM Mike Lay reignited the hope candle. If there’s anyone that can save this season, it’s Mike Lay.

12. Blue Polaski’s Boys

What has probably gone under the radar more than anything this week is just how many points GM Mike Lay left on the bench against BIA. A struggling team like this one can ill-afford any more gaffes from Lay and he needs to turn the ship around immediately, starting at the top.

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