Week 7 Power Rankings: The Better Late Than Never Edition

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1. Pitness Initiative

The new league favorite hasn’t gotten the respect they deserve…until now. With a #1 Coaches Poll ranking all on GM Jason Anderson’s shoulders to make PI the first team so far this year not to buckle under the weight of being the league leader.

2. Italian Ice

Business as usual for the Italian Ice as they were near the top of the scoring heap for another week. While Pitness Initiative may be number 1 in the rankings this week, you’d be hard pressed to find a team more scared of them than GM Nick Pinto’s team. One question: Are they peaking too early?

3. Tommy Wiseau FC

A blowout loss to the highly-respected BIA team is not a cause for panic but the 76 points Wiseau put up might be. So far GM Jeff Spencer has been very fortunate but if that luck runs out, will the TWCQFC have what it takes to fight?

4. Pacific Island Boys

The Curse of BIA struck down GM JG Thorington who is 3-3 despite scoring over 30 more points than anyone else in the league. Once the Gods of Karma get tired of stringing BIA along and focus all their hate back on that team, the PIB’s could be a force to be reckoned with.

5. Ronald Weasels

The untested Weasels have been cruising along so far this year in a season that is very reminiscent of Showtime’s 2010 campaign: A team that doesn’t generate a lot of publicity, sneaks into the playoffs under the radar, and then loses in the first round.

6. Blue Polaski’s Boys

GM Mike Lay continues his comeback after a year and half of under-achieving and disappointment. Three wins in a row for BPB in the thick of the division title hunt and a rematch against BIA this week will be the team’s opportunity to announce that they’re back and they’re for real.

7. Boobies in America

9th in the rankings, 3rd in total points scored: The quintessential Boobies in America season. One good week doesn’t mean much the way fortunes often turn sour for this squad so GM Dennis Lazar better enjoy this spot in the Power Rankings while it lasts.

8. Weekend at Bernie’s

WAB did what they were supposed to do against Showtime: Win. That being said a 97 point performance isn’t getting any fans doing the Bernie just yet. GM Josh Spencer has been trying to swing a blockbuster for awhile now and he made to to become a serious threat to the TCFFL.

9. Cincinnati Bowties

Another major injury to the Bowties starting lineup, this week coming in the form of a re-injury to RB Felix Jones. While the health issues keep stacking up, GM Will Kerridge refuses to concede defeat in the 2011 season and many still believe the Bowties are the team to beat.

10. Dumblethor’s Army

The 2-4 record doesn’t do justice to the quality of GM Dylan Thorington’s team, which would rank 2nd in points if they were in the weaker Heroes Division. Unfortunately for the Army, the schedule isn’t going to get any easier in a loaded Kings Division so 2011 could end up being a step in the rebuilding process, instead of an official entrance into the big boys club.

11. Jackie Paper Thin Skins

Overvaluing and then holding on to Peyton Hillis to long may have doomed GM Rob Lay as his team is very hobbled and those that are healthy are just dirt. Luckily for Lay, he seems to be too busy with training at work to fully comprehend how bad his 66 point performance was last week.

12. Showtime

The rattled look that GM Nick Loynes displayed throughout the 2011 TCFFL draft (picking out of the #3 spot!) was the first warning sign that Showtime could be headed for trouble this year. While things look bleak, the team does have some pieces it can move but it may take a whole new calendar year to get this organization back on track.

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