Return of Democracy

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There will be a change in leadership in the TCFFL and it involves the league’s founder and enigmatic leader JG Thorington. No, Thorington will not abdicate his position as leader, but he will change his style, and the league, once again, will become a democracy.

A source in Tallahassee is reporting that JG step down as Dictator and resume his role as Commissioner. There are no bylaws preventing such a move and therefore will take effect immediately.

“The league was in a bad place and I felt the need for absolute power. [But] now I am more hopeful. ESPN has resumed coverage, the league is chatting throughout the day, and there has been more participation” says Thorington.

Thorington describes it as a “silver lining”. “For a while there was nothing. Certainly there is still work that needs to be done in finalizing draft plans and rules for next year. And of course I am still looking into the situation surround Jason. But if we can get through June the way we did, I have hope.”

Anderson has been unresponsive and failed to deliver on his promise of an increased presence.

Thorington did specifically mention Dennis Lazar, Jeff Spencer, Tome Aprik, and Will Kerridge as real bright spots and “solid contributors” to the league.


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