JG’s Big Board – Round 1 Predictions

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We are a little less than a month away from the 2012 TCFFL Draft in Royal Oak.  There has been a quiet lull over the league lately as league members are fine tuning their draft day strategy.  We already know the draft order, but we don’t know which direction each GM will take.  Here is my best guess at what the first round will look like.

1. Blue Polaski’s Boys – Ray Rice RB.  If there is one GM that will definitely go chalk, you would expect it to be BPB GM Mike Lay.  While he could see him go Arian Foster or Shady McCoy here, Ray Rice is the prototypical non-flashing, productive Mike Lay player.

2. Cincinnati Bow-Ties – Arian Foster. With only three or four elite running backs, and a somewhat deep QB pool, CBT GM Will Kerridge will probably go with Arian Foster here.  Don’t be surprised if he rekindles his relationship with last year’s CBT stud Aaron Rodgers though.

3. Jackie Paper Thin Skins – LeSean McCoy. Another Lay brother, another chalk pick. JPTS bared the fruit of Shady McCoy’s labor last year.  Look for these two to hook up again.

4. SHOWTIME – Calvin Johnson. It gets a little fuzzy after the first three picks (and really, is there a fuzzier GM than Nick Loynes?)  Again, Rodgers could go here, but I have the feeling that Loynes is willing to take on the Madden Curse for one of his favorite players.

5. Boobies in America – Chris Johnson.  Speaking of curses…BIA GM Dennis Lazar has long-coveted a top tier running back.  Many experts predict CJ2K to channel the form of a few seasons ago, and I think Lazar buys into the hype.

6. Weekend at Bernie’s – Maurice Jones-Drew. WaB GM Josh Thorington took a chance on a running back who wasn’t guaranteed to start the season (Arian Foster, who subsequently didn’t start the season).  I see the same thing happening this year with WaB taking their chances on a quick resolution to the MJD holdout.

7. Pacific Island Boys – Aaron Rodgers.  It’s a bit funny to think that Rodgers would fall to 7 after being mentioned as possible picks more than once already.  However with a week running back pool, look for JG to take fantasy stud Aaron Rodgers here.

8. Tommy Wiseau’s Close Quarter American Football Club – Larry Fitzgerald. TWCQFC is a numbers guy through and through, so look for him to take the second-best WR this year as the TCFFL switches to a full point PPR (although if MJD is still on the board the TCFFL could be in for a long year of acronyms).

9. Dumblethor’s Army – Darren McFadden. DA GM Dylan Thorington surprised the entire league taking McFadden in the first round a year ago.  Despite his injuries last season, Thorington is enamored by the RB.  Look for him to be in the Army again.

10. Pitness Initiative – Ryan Matthews.  This was the hardest one to pick.  No on knows if PI GM Jason Anderson is alive, let alone doing his fantasy research.  I picked Mattews to go here based solely on the fact that he would be the highest rated player on the board if all goes according to what has already been posted.

11. Ronald Weasels – Matt Forte.  Once a Weasel always a Weasel, as the saying goes.  Forte was a smart pick last year by the Weas himself, Tome Aprik.  I don’t think he has it in him to take proud Michigan graduate Tom Brady, and he doesn’t have the guts to take Brees in a season that will be played with out a coach.

12. Italian Ice – Tom Brady or Roddy White. Defending champions Italian Ice will be tested on draft day; however two smart back-to-back picks could make Ice a force yet again. I say Brady or White because with back-to-back picks, it doesn’t matter which you choose first.  I think he picks Brady and White with his first two picks.  Two solid fantasy players historically (ala Miles Austin and S Jax last year) could be the way to go for Pinto.

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