2012 Season Off to a Rough Start

Posted on September 6, 2012 by


The start of the 2012 TCFFL season, like many seasons-past, was highly anticipated across the globe.  Rufus Garside of Liverpool, UK said, “Right, the summer’s been daft. I cannot wait. It (the season) will be brilliant. Those chaps are bloody loony.”

However anticipated the season has been, no one could have predicted the rocky start.  The Administration has been under fire for complacency and lack of content production.  To counter, the Administration have responded with “We Built It”.

While the Assistant Commissioner has been all but invisible, the Commissioner has also come under fire for adding Oogletree during last night’s Giants/Cowboys game.  A neutral observer would reason the Commissioner did nothing wrong and that any manager could have added the player, but it’s a moot point because the fair Commissioner subsequently reversed the move (you can’t spell Justin without “just” after-all).

Many hope that these types of controversy will quell making way for a smooth season, but controversy or not, the season has arrived.

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