PIB Owner and Commissioner Absolved of All Charges

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With the first week of fantasy football upon us, there comes the inevitable debate of when Dylan would not set his lineup. We thought it might be this week when the first set of games started and Dylan hadn’t started anyone in his flex spot. We all sat on Stat Tracker and nothing changed throughout the afternoon and of course thought, ROTY Dylan, once again not setting his lineup. In the chat there was heated accusations of Justin setting Dylan’s lineup – the classic Thorington collusion. After sitting idly on the sidelines, I though as Tech Czar I had to step up and get to the bottom of this. I now present to you the evidence absolving Justin…

What you see above is the IP address of everyone who logged into Dylan’s account yesterday. What does an IP tell us? It’s pretty much what it sounds like, it’s the address of where this person ‘lives’ on the Internet. Now this address cannot be resolved exactly to a house address, however, it can be traced in a way. Which brings my next piece of evidence…

What you see is a trace on that specific IP address that logged into Dylan’s account. Each line is a ‘hop’ letting us know where the trace is going. On the second to last hop, you can see that it’s in Charter’s Kalamazoo network. What this is telling us is that the IP originated in Kalamazoo by someone using Charter for their internet. For further clarification…

From this we can clearly see that someone from Kalamazoo, on Charter’s internet, logged in at 1:36pm (CST). We can conclude that this was Dylan logging into his account and changing his lineup and adding in a flex player.

Signing out,
Tech Czar
Ronald Weasels Owner
Tome Aprik

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