Coaches Poll – Week 3

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A New Favorite Emerges, Runs Away with #1 Spot

Sept. 27, 2012

San Jose- The trend of losing after being ranked #1 in the Coaches Poll continues as SHOWTIME gets blown out at home. After receiving the majority of the first place votes last week, SHOWTIME put up and abysmal 73.68, which is the third lowest output of the season. After being ranked in the top spot #1 teams are 0-3 the following week scoring an average of 85.73 points per game. This trend has not gone unnoticed in the league. This week, Boobies in America received 2 first place votes despite the fact that they scored 66.6 points (66.6?! THE CURSE). Additionally, the Cincinnati Bow-Ties received one 1st place vote, even though they have lost two straight after failing to beat the Pacific Island Boys who have scored a total of 270 points through three weeks. GM’s are starting to believe that they can jinx their opponents/frenemies by voting them #1.

This week, the Tommy Wiseau’s (TWACQFC) take on the challenge of winning after being ranked #1. TWACQFC received 8 of the 12 1st place votes finishing with 118 points, the most points received all year. TWACQFC has started the season on fire outscoring their opponents by 98.42 points or 32.81 points per week. This points differential is due, in part, to TWACQFC’s high points, which is second highest in the league. Also contributing to this differential is the low points against, which is a mere 250.54 or 83.51 points against per game. The Wiseau’s have also benefited from a couple cupcake opponents. In week one, TWACQFC played against Dumblethor’s Army who were without All-TCFFL RB Morrice Jones-Drew. The second week of the season, TWACQFC played against the Thin-Skin’s who put up a league-low 55.64 points. Finally, TWACQFC faced the Ronald Weasels who were missing half of their starters due to injuries. However, you cannot fault the Wiseaus for taking care of business. If TWACQFC played every team, every week they’d have the second best schedule of 21-11.

Biggest losers this week were Boobies in America (dropped three spots), Blue Polaski’s Boys (dropped three spots), and the Ronald Weasels (dropped four spots). Despite the birth of the first successor to the TCFFL, GM Mike Lay and his BPB did not receive much love from the coaches in the league showing just how cold-hearted the TCFFL can be.

Off the schnide and bottom of the Coaches Poll are the PIBs, who jumped up one spot to 11th. Last place was taken over by the Ronald Weasels.

Aside from TWACQFC, another big mover were Dumblethor’s Army, who after an impressive 35 point drubbing of the BPB, received 84 points this week landing them in the top 4 of the league. Also, Pitness Initiative garnered support from the league, receiving 88 points to finish in the 3rd spot.

Despite being on the wrong end of the biggest blowout of the week, SHOWTIME only dropped one spot to finish 2nd in this week Coaches Poll. Another surprise, the Italian Ice, with their second consecutive win notwithstanding, dropped four spots to finish ranked 7th. Many GMs and Coaches around the league are questioning the legitimacy of the Coaches Poll.

“It is absolutely a platform of jixes, and it’s a shame.  It’s a damn shame.  You (Josh) have put in a lot of effort to organize this and it’s treated like a joke,” said GM Justin Thorington. “BIA are not the #1 team.  The #1 team is no doubt the only undefeated team – TWACQFC.  It’s time for the league GMs to get real with themselves.”

We also contacted Commissioner JG Thorington for his comment on the Coaches Poll. ” I hope the league takes this seriously. As the Commissioner I love seeing a poll that includes all of the GMs, however I fear that if it isn’t taken as a serious poll that participation in the poll will wane.  Obviously this would be a huge hit to the administration’s focus on grassroots participation.”

Chairman of Morals and Ethics Jeff Spencer has been unavailable to look into the matter as he is on vacation. Perhaps he is soul searching for a way to end the trend of losing after being ranked #1. Or maybe he is spending the bonus he received for the #1 ranking at a local San Jose Quicksilver store. Either way, it will be interesting to see if the trend continues.

Coaches Poll Sept 27th-Oct 4th:

1. TWACQFC (8)- 118 pts

2. SHOWTIME (1)- 89 pts

3. Pitness- 88 pts

4. Dumblethor- 84 pts

5. Boobies (2)- 79 pts

6. Bow-Ties(1)- 75 pts

7. ICE- 74 pts

8. Bowen’s Daddy- 55 pts

9. WaB- 54 pts

10. JPTS- 33 pts

11. PIB- 23 pts

12. RW- 20 pts

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