Kings Division Recap – Week 3

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Blowout #1 of the Week

Dumblethor’s Army (2-1) 129.32 v. Blue Pulaski’s Boys (1-2) 94.22

In what was expected to be a thrilling match-up between two teams heading in the opposite direction in life — the BPB’s, focusing on swaddling techniques and the Army, concentrating their efforts on getting random ass in KZoo — turned out to be a blowout and perhaps a preview of two teams heading in the opposite direction in the TCFFL standings. The Army overcame an abysmal performance by Tony Romo (6.82 pts) with perhaps the performance of the year by ‘sore knee’ Jamaal Charles (37.8 pts). Dylan’s questionable draft tactics are starting to take form, with once-holdout MJD putting up 26.3 points and his WR crew continuing to impress. Despite an un-even performance from the Army, with over half of his team putting up single digits, the BPB’s didn’t have a big performance from anyone on their roster and continued to be hampered by 10th Round Draft pick, the SF defense, who only put up 4 points against a very suspect Minnesota Defense. The BPB’s have some questions to answer heading into week four… now that they’re from the hospital, will GM Lay be able to make the necessary adjustments to avoid sliding to 1-3?

Blowout #2 of the Week

Tommy Wiseau American Close Quarters Football Club (3-0) 125.78 v. Ronald Weasels (0-3) 93.52

This game was pretty much over from the start, as the Wiseau’s picked up nearly 40 points between Cam Newton and Andre Brown on Thursday night, placing the already-shorthanded Weasels in a deep hole to start the week. The big difference in this match-up were the abysmal performances from the Weasels QB/WR combo (10.72 points vs. Wiseau’s 45.78 at those spots) — while Rivers struggled mightily, Weasels back-up (and 3rd best overall QB thus far) Big Ben put up over 32 points, which couldn’t have gotten him over the hump, but would have made the score much closer than it finished. The Wiseau’s had very consistent performances across the board, getting double-digits from seven of nine spots, while Chris Johnson continued to drag ass for the team. The Wiseau’s would be $20 richer had the kept Torrey Smith at the flex and moved Andre Brown to the second RB spot, but to them, weekly consistency (only team to score 100 every week) means more than flash-in-the-pan performances. While the Wiseau’s remain on the outside looking-in on a playoff spot, the Weasels have some serious soul searching to do. Their roster is a mess at the moment, with three QB’s on the roster, and they’re banking on the ability of both Cedric Benson and Aaron Rogers to have big weeks moving forward. One can only imagine the ups and downs the Weasels HQ will have watching a Packers game as they want the Packers to both run and pass the ball on every down.

Blowout #3 of the Week

Pitness Initiative (2-1) 123.42 v. J Paper Thin Skins (1-2) 94.50

Overshadowed in all the talk about the dramatic fall from grace the Thin Skins have experienced from Week 1 until now, is the continued strong performance by the Pitness Initiative. The PI finally got Calvin Johnson going this week with a huge game, while Andre Johnson continues to be injury free and the Chicago D put up a massive 23 point performance. However, despite a very strong week, the PI have worries of their own heading into week four. Will Matthew Stafford be able to play and stay healthy? Can he continue to get by with a combined 7 points from starting RB’s Mark Ingram and Shonn Greene? Will my D and Kicker spot be able to give me 36 points a week? On the other side of the coin, the Thin Skins and Weasels might consider group therapy, as they continue to look for answers. Right now, the Thin Skins are a team without a brand — Brady has disappointed, the WR’s continue to have uneven performances and the RB’s, while solid, have not broken out. The key to the Thin Skins is getting everyone on the same page, as the pieces are there, but they have yet to replicate the week one performance where there was consistency, sprinkled with a couple of big game by their skill positions.


Blue Pulaski’s Boys (1-2) vs. TWACQFC (3-0)

Dumblethor’s Army (2-1) vs. J Paper Thin Skins (1-2)

Ronald Weasels (0-3) vs. Pitness Initiative (2-1)


1. Pitness Initiative

2. Dumblethor’s Army


4.  Blue Pulaski’s Boys

5. J Paper Thin Skins

6. Ronald Weasels

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