Rat of the Year Award Watch

Posted on October 1, 2012 by


1. Will Kerridge (150 pts) – The list of accomplishments for the two-time (and only) ROTY winner includes: jinxing his match-ups, jinxing other GMs, jinxing match-ups from other leagues, and medical emails.  Could be tough for anyone to overcome.

2. Dennis Lazar (127.5 pts) – Lazar has never been on the watch list, but that is because he was once responsible for ranking.  Now-a-days the Assistant Commissioner produces no content meaning not only can he be on this list, but it is a contributing reason he is on the list.  Additionally, like our favorite Will, Dennis is not above a jinx.  In fact, after spending some time with him on league chats one would assume jinxing is the focus of the Boobs’ strategy.

3. Rob Lay (38 pts)


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