Coaches Poll – Week 4

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New Week, Familiar Faces

Oct. 4, 2012

Chicago–The more things change, the more they stay the same. Last weeks #1 TWACQFC lost marking the fourth time a #1 team has lost. In fact, no #1 team has won following their top ranking. TWACQFC lost to BPB (Bowen Polaski Boys) led by the new father, GM Mike Lay. This loss did not seem to affect TWACQFC popularity amongst coaches as they finished #2 in the poll with 103 points and three 1st place votes.

Taking over the top spot this week are BIA, led by GM (and over-the-top jinxer) Dennis Lazar. Lazar’s BIA beat WaBs this  week by being the leagues weekly high scorer.  Lazar is currently leading the league’s Triple Crown race as he has the best record, most points scored, and #1 in the Coaches Poll. (Ed. Note: some find the Coaches Poll trivial and prefer to use weekly Statistical Power Rankings as the third category. This weeks Statistical Power Rankings have yet to come out).

“It’s been no secret that being #1 on the coaches poll has been the Fantasy equivalent of being on the Madden cover  for NFL players. The confidence is high as you see your name atop the list, yet panic sets in as you look over your roster and see gaping holes. I’m confident that this trend will be broken this week by the self-prescribed “cursed” member of this league – Dennis Lazar, GM of the Boobies in America,” commented GM Jeff Spencer. “Sure, he was been close before and lost the following week, but I think that experience will bode well for him the second time around and the BIA’s will cement their spot atop the TCFFL, which I’ve argued has been the case since he put up 147 points a few weeks back”

BIA finished with 105 points and six 1st place votes. Can BIA verse the four week trend of #1 teams losing? Probably. They are point scoring machine and face SHOWTIME who are on a two game skid and starting Jeremy Kerley (WR NYJ) in their flex.

At this point, the league thinks it is a two horse race with BIA and TWACQFC being the only teams with over 100 points in the Coaches Poll. The 3rd place team, Italian Ice, has only 85 point and received only one 1st place vote. Italian Ice has won three straight and are seeing all-around production form their team. They face off with CBT, which many are calling this match up the game for second place.  There is a lot at stake in this match up including the possibility to be ranked #1 next week.

BIA and Italian Ice were the big movers this week, jumping four spots each. Conversely, Pitness Initiative, SHOWTIME, and Dumblethors Army plummeted in the polls dropping six, four, and three spots respectively.  In fact, the only other team to drop a spot was TWACQFC, who dropped only one spot.

Aside from BIA and II, BPB, CBT, and WaB were the only other teams to move up. BPB are up three spots to #5, CBT are up two spots to #4, and WaB moved up one spot to #8. WaB are still salty after posting their second consecutive 136 point game, yet losing to BIA.

“Salty? Yes, we are salty.” Said GM Josh Thorington. “We are scoring points, finally, but that has not translated into victories. We are 1-3. 1-3! Not a lot to be happy about.”

There are several teams separating themselves as league favorites. When asked if he thinks his team is one of these teams, Spencer said, “On pure wins and losses, yes, but it’s still early in the season and my trade this week shows that I am concerned about the longer-term. My team had little depth and as we hit bye weeks, we needed to make some changes in order to avoid a slide. I still consider myself on the outside looking-in on a playoff spot.”

Is this the week the trend is broken? Will BIA lose? One thing is certain; they will try to jinx their way to victory.

  1. BIA (6)- 105 pts
  2. TWACQFC (3)- 103 pts
  3. Ice (1)- 85 pts
  4. CBT (1)- 78 pts
  5. BPB- 70 pts
  6. SHOW- 55 pts
  7. DA- 54 pts
  8. WaB- 53 pts
  9. PI- 43 pts
  10. JPTS- 35 pts
  11. PIB- 26 pts
  12. RW- 19 points
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