Coaches Poll – Week 4

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Controversy: A New #1?

October 11, 2012

Traverse City– Boobies in America become the first team to be ranked #1 in the Coaches Poll and not lose the following week, proving that the curse is not real. Boobies in America took advantage of a SHOWTIME team who has lost three in a row. However, Boobies are not ranked atop this weeks Coaches Poll even though they received six 1st place votes. BIA (105 pts) fell short of Italian Ice (106 pts) who received five 1st place votes.

However, Italian Ice were the only team not to submit a Coaches Poll.  Since coaches cannot vote for themselves in the poll, this would have assured BIA at least one more point, making them this seasons first co-#1 teams.  There is no doubt that Ice would have put BIA in his top three, securing another lone #1 ranking for BIA.

Some speculate that the Italian Ice move to not rank was strategic as they wanted the #1 spot. Ice are riding a four game win streak and definitely deserve to have their name mentioned as one of the league’s best. Ice are riding their horse, Marshawn “Taste the Rainbow” Lynch who is the only running back to record over 85 yards in each game this season.  Picking up Peyton “Stenosis” Manning later in the draft has also been an underrated pick for the Ice as he continues to produce.

Ice will play the #3 ranked team, the Tommy Wiseau’s. TW have lost two straight games but continue to garner “support” from the rest of the league’s coaches. Although BIA GM Dennis Lazar may disagree, the Wiseau’s have been subjected to the most jinxes in the Coaches Poll. It is clear that many of the coaches are voting him atop their list in hopes that his high ranking will cause him to lose. Regardless, GM Jeff Spencer will be rallying his troops this week as he hopes to end the three game losing streak and win Traverse City bragging rights.  Spencer finds himself in his second bromance match in three weeks (the other was two weeks ago against GM Mike Lay and his BPBs).

“The friendliest guy in the league, they call him,” said GM of Dumblethor’s Army Dylan Thorington. “That man welcomed me with open arms as I came into adulthood. He has been a role model for me, although, at times, I question his intenitions.”

When asked to expand further on his previous statement, Thorington, with a tear in his eye, said, “I have nothing further to say.”


The biggest upward mover of the week was Pitness Initiative, who jumped four spots to finish ranked #5. Ice, BPB, and DA are the only teams to jump in the polls this week.

The biggest downward mover of the week was the Cincinnati Bow-Ties, who dropped three spots to finish ranked #7. CBT have been hit by the mid-game injury bug many times this year. Some GMs send their sympathy, while others are calling it “Poetic Justice.” SHOWTIME, WaB, TWACQFC, and BIA also dropped this week.

Rounding out the bottom of the poll this week are JPTS, PIB, and RW ranked #10, #11, and #12 respecitively. These teams have held the same spot for three consecutive weeks.

Ice and BIA hope to keep the winning streaks going and further cement themselves at the top of the Coaches Poll.

  1. Italian Ice (5) – 106 pts
  2. BIA (6) – 105 pts
  3. TWACQFC- 87 pts
  4. BPB – 85 pts
  5. PI – 68 pts
  6. DA – 62 pts
  7. CBT – 57 pts
  8. SHOW – 46 pts
  9. WaB – 39 pts
  10. JPTS – 31 pts
  11. PIB – 28 pts
  12. RW – 12 pts
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