Playoff Preview: Pinto Chases His Precious

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TCFFL Commissioner Justin Thorington has made dozens of controversial events in the past.  Most pundits agree that the most controversial was the removal of Mike Aldrich and OchoCinco from the TCFFL.  Up to the point of his removal, OchoCinco, one of the original members, had been extremely successful.  Thorington, like honey badger, didn’t care.  Thorington gave Aldrich the point to make way for one of his childhood best friends and TC native Nick Pinto.

For his part, Pinto has made the playoffs every year while amassing two #1 seeds, the best winning percentage of all-time, and a TCFFL Championship.  This year, Pinto is backing into the #1 seed after losing the final two games of the regular season.

Pinto is not worried: “We’ve had the playoffs for weeks now.  It’s hard to stay focused when your team makes the playoffs early and is undoubtedly one of the most talented in the league.  We don’t like to lose, but the playoffs matter.  That’s it.”

(ed. note: there is nothing else to write)

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